First Session: Land of Tommorow Campaign


I just finished running my first session of Jeremiah tonight. My players loved it. One of them GMs on another night and will be buying the book so he can run it. Anyway, the campaign is called Land of Tommorow becuase it focuses on the rebuilding of Kentucky, which means "land of Tommorrow' in one of the Native American languages. I am copying my original adventure notes and will post exactly how things went down tomorrow when im less tired.

Jeremiah Adventure Log

Shady Grove, Illinois

The hamlet of Shady Grove is celebrating its first Spring Festival. The festival is one of trade during the day and music and dancing at night. The characters have been drwn here for various reasons, whether it is to enjoy the festival, do some trading and shopping, or some other less common reason. The festival should draw folks from all over the region and this is a good opportunity for character who are looking for some bit of knowledge to gain it.

Shady Grove is a community of some 400 people. There ais no strong leader in the town, just some strong willed traders who have banned together to make common decisions about things that effect their bussinesses. The regional power is Metropolis some 70 miles or so away. Metropolis is governed by Captain Morgan, a man of midling talent with a mean streak and just enough charisma to make him dangerous. He has been hording resources and recruiting every low life he can find in the region. Morgan’s gangs take what they want, exacting heavy tribute from the local communities areound Metropolis.

One of Morgan’s most notorious gangs is led by a young man named Billy. Billy fancies himself after his childhood hero Billy the Kid and calls his gang the Young Guns. The Members of this gang are young hot heads who believe they can do whatever they want and take whatever they want. Unfortunately for Shady Gove, Billy and his gang have heard about the Spring Festival and are handkering for a party. They will arrive after the characters do and have already consumed a great deal of liquor prior to their arrival.

The Adventure

The heroes will have time to do some shopping meet new people (perhaps each other), and gather some information before the Young Guns arrive. There is consternation among the locals when Billy’s gang arrives but everyone tries to keep a low profile so as not to be noticed. The arrival of the Young Guns cannot go without notice, for they gallop into town on well maintained horses, scattering the crowd in their charge through town. They hitch their forses at a Bed and Breakfast and immediately proceed to make a neusance of themselves, pushing people, talking loudly and messing around with trade goods as they walk by. The Young Guns are openly armed with pistols on hip holsters and so no one wants to cause trouble with them.

The real trouble begins when one of Billy’s gang members starts to fondle a young local girl of no more than 15. When one of the town’s folk tries to step in, the gangster shoots him scattering the crowd. This action leads to other gang member grabbing for any women they can lay their hands on, inclding one of the female heroes if there are any. Several women will be raped if no one steps in.

One person who will step in is Cid. Cid is an agent of Paducah who has come to the festival looking for the right type of people to recruit for citizenship of the young community. He will do everything he can to stop the Young Guns but will fail if the heroes do not also fight. If the heroes fight and defeat the Young Guns they will find little thank you from the community. The females and their families will be grateful for the intervention however the rest of the town will be fearful of Captain Morgan’s retribution. They will ask the heroes to leave as soon as possible giving each of them 2 cans of food by way of thank you and shame for their lack of courage in welcoming them for their act of bravery.

If Cid survived the encounter, he will invite the heroes to come visit Paducah on the other side of the Ohio River. Having made a powerful enemy in Captain Morgan the heroes might consider it wise to take Cid up on his offer, particularly since Cid doesn’t seem to be to wrried about making Metropolis an enemy of his community.

Note: As an alternative the GM may want to wait until evening when the dances and partying have begun before having the Young Guns arrive to break up the fun. This will give the heroes a chance to get to know folks and to form some attachments that may make them more likely to get involved when Billy’s gang starts the trouble.

Billy (the Kid)
2nd Level Jock
Abilities: Str 14, Dex, 14, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 12
Upbringing: Rural
Initiative: +2
Defense: +4
Damage Reduction: +3
Attack: +4 base, +5 Colt Double Eagle 2d6)
Saving Throw: +6/2/0
Feats: Athletics, Simple Weapons Proficiency, , Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot
Skills: Balance +4, Clim +4, Handle Animal +3, Intimidate +6, Jump +4, Listen +3, Ride +7, Spot +4, Survival +4
Equipment: Horse, Saddle, Colt Double Eagle, 10mm ammo (30rnds), Leather Duster (Long), Cowboy Hat,

Young Gun Gang Member (1-8)
Jock Level 1
Abilities: Str: 15, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 11, Wis 8, Cha 11
Upbringing: Urban
Initiative: 0
Defense: +2
Damage Reduction: 2
Attack: +1 Base, Range +2(Browning HP 2d6)
Saving Throws: +4/1/0
Feats: Brawl, Simple Firearms, Point Blank Shot
Equipment: Cowboy Hat, Ammo (20rnds 9mm)
The party was made up of the following character classes; 1 Mystic, 1 Wanderer, 1 Scavenger, 1 Brain Boy, and 1 Jock. The player characters did not know each other at the beginning of the adventure. The first part of the evening was taken up by trade, shopping and getting to know locals and themselves. When the Young Guns showed up later in the evening during the festivities, he immediately showed that his brains were in his arms not his head. As stated in the adventure notes, the Young Guns rode through town scattering those partiers who were in their pathway. Without knowing anything about these strangers or trying to get any back up, the jock layed into one with his bat. The reaction was of course immediate and lethal for our brainless jock. After the surprise attack round, the Young Guns won initiative and started shooting the jock, the last to shoot was Billy, slowly riding up to the dying jock, aiming his Colt Double Eagle and splattering the Jocks brain all over the important lesson was learned by all.

Feeling overly cocky and having totally cowed the town, the Young Guns set about picking their female companions...Billy chose the Mystic...she delayed Billy a little until his men had gone off with searching for their own pleasures. The others in the group launched into action, working together and quickly taking Billy out without a shot fired. Meanwhile Cid took out one of Billy's men who had wondered back to check on Billy. Cid and the PCs then set out to take out the rest of the gang members...and took them out rather easily. Although grateful for the help, the citizens asked the heroes to leave town for fear of Captain Morgan's reaction.

Cid led the partty out of town to a nearby camp he kept. He then tells the
Character that he is an agent for Paducah and recruits them to come visit the community. The rest of the evening was travel, and lots of roleplaying as they toured the town and met its inhabitants. Fun was had by all (well ok, the Jock may not have had fun, but I have little patience with brainless players, he'll learn or he'll die a lot and eventually quit, either way its all good).