First post/Evil Eye question


Hey everyone, this is my first post and I'm looking forward to discussing this great game with all of you in the future. Speaking of the game itself, I can honestly say that this is the first gaming book (among way too many) that I have actually sat down and read from cover to cover!! The history, the background, the excerpts from the stories had me spellbound. I was a small Conan fan (the movies of course, the comics, etc) but now I am thoroughly hooked. In fact I ran out and bought a stack of the novels to read for ideas and background info. The book, from material and rules to the apearance (pictures, borders, even the paper and fonts) is just simply beautiful.

Now a question: What is the exact order of events when casting an Evil eye ranged spell? When you pick a target, are you casting the spell then or are you just seeing if you can meet their gaze (the miss chance if they are not looking at you etc) If they don't have to make a save did you still cast the spell, or can you choose another target, or do you lose your action for this round?
malkaline, as I remember it (and I'm away from my Conan book at the moment, so if I'm horribly wrong, blame my professors), casting a spell with the 'evil eye' qualifier doesn't really affect the sequence of the round. If memory serves, "evil eye" range is 30 feet, and the target is entitled to a save to avoid meeting the sorcerer's gaze-so yes, if the target makes his save, then the "action" (probably depends on the individual spell it its casting time is standard action, full-round, etc...) is used up. I'm not sure about transferring the gaze attack to another target...I'll have to look in my rulebook when I get home from campus.

BTW, if you have rules questions, you can also post them on the "rulesmasters" board; Mongoose is really good about getting a reply up fairly quickly!

I'll doublecheck on the "evil eye" thing and post back later...