First Mars Colony

Ben W Bell

Reading through the history section of the Earth Alliance Fact Book I can't help but notice an omission. Maybe it's later in the book and I haven't gotten to it, but it should be in here. There is no mention regarding the destruction of the first Mars colony. Sinclair refers to it in his line about how humans are no strangers to the surprise attack in Midnight on the Firing Line to G'Kar. Have I missed something or is this an omission?
It's in there in the history section and even assigns culprits. Don't ahve mine to hand so can't give you the reference :(
If it is in there then fair enough, I just thought it was odd that it wasn't mentioned in the history introduction bit (when almost everything else is in there.)
PG 154.

768 colonists, led by John Carter and using Centauri jump technology, travel to Mars in a matter of hours to being construction on MarsDome One, which would become the capital of the newly established colony.

A bomb planted on MarsDone One almost destroys the entire colony. John Carter is among the dead.