Fire-Born (WarMek Company.

-- Transcript Begin's --

Fire-Born Mek's have set aside 800million USDollar's for the Design and Construction of a WarMek, The Winning Mek Construction Company will Gain a long term 8yr+ Contract for Refit and Repair's of said WarMek, During the Course of the Refit/Repair Contract the Company will be required to make full scale conversion to 6 WarMek Hanger's + WarMek Repair Bay's.

-- Line Brake --

The Required estimate of the said Warmek we need built is a Direct Missile Attack Mek. Long Range, But with enough firepower to lay waste to Most Small/Meduim Mek's during the Course of Combat. Short Range weapon's or Melee Weapon's are an option we leave upto the Design Process. The design Must fit two Pilot's (Pilot/Gunner). Upon reciept of the Design through Holo Vid's, we will notify the winning Company with in 48hr that their design has been chosen. If more then one Mek design from varying company's meet's our need's, we will enter into Negotitation for a Combat ready Prototype then Make our final Choice.

-- Line Brake --

Currently we have need of 16 of the winning design, Apox 2 a yr to be completed in 8yr's (Depending on Inter-Plantery Situation, this may be accelerated). The Design will not exceed 800million USDollar's, This Contract is open only to the US or it's Allie's. Please do not send a Holo Vid if you are the EF or the AfricaFederation.
We Thank you for your time. and await a timely reply

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