Finding players for Conan?


Any good recommendations for finding players for Conan?

I figured a post on and mongoose's board would be good. There's also a player finder on, probably something on enworld too - any other general rpg forum sites?

Local use-groups are another possiblity, as well as physically going to local game stores and posting player wanted posters.

Any other ideas? Any good ways to screen out the freaks?
slaughterj said:
...Any good ways to screen out the freaks?
But, if you screen out the freaks, then you won't have any players... :p

I guess you could try to "turn on" some non-gamers, but I'll bet they won't bite unless they are already a little freaky! Getting them into RPGs certainly isn't going to de-freak them! :lol:

:idea: BTW, Your ideas regarding finding freaks (er, players) are right on. I have found that "interviewing" prospective players by phone and then in person is a good way to screen out people who might not be well suited for your group.
By freaks, I don't mean all gamers, else there wouldn't be any players ;) But there are some *mental* sorts out there, so I've done the "interview" before, but that doesn't always catch them... lists Conan, Conan OGL, and GURPS: Conan, I think it's Conan is the old Conan from TSR.

You can ad yourself, and search on others. Conan OGL was only added to it's listings by me today. does not yet list Conan OGL, but I've applied to have it listed... They're very slow on adding new games though - usually only doing it if they get flodded with requests.

On screening, meet new people in a non gaming location (I prefer coffee shops) within walking distance of your local game shop. Don't ever offer to go by the shop - how strongly they feel a pull to the shop is a good indicator of their geek-level and how strongly you should consider rejecting them.

In the interview, bring up at least three non gaming topics and see how they reply. I recommend politics, religion, and hobbies. Their views on these will tell you a lot about them - letting you see if you have a match or not to yourself. It can also help to root out wierdos.

While there, see how you 'feel' about them, and see if other people in the area are having a negative reaction to their presence. A lot of gamer geeks are so repulsive that even in sitting in a coffee shop people will start to shift in their seats, give negative looks, and eventually leave...

That's a good indicator of someone to avoid.
Let me tell you: It's not as easy as finding players for generic D&D. When people think of Conan campaigns, they have a lot of baggage about the world and that they might have some dork actually playing Conan in their party.

When I first sought out Conan players waaaay back, my best luck was to go to the local game and comic stores and put up really pretty campaign details on a single sheet of paper.I also put those little tear-off tabs at the bottom with my name and phone. I stuck a nice picture of some internet-art on there and basically told it like it was: Gaming in of Conan the Barbarian.

I also advertised online, however that wasn't as useful as going to the game, book, and comic stores and taping up little signs entitled: D&D PLAYERS WANTED. That always grabs attention.