Finally! Babylon 5 Station Guide :D


Well I've had to listen to certain other individuals who managed to weedle their way into getting a copy early, but finally they're on distribution in the UK (and available in all good gaming stores as of today!)

After all that wait, now I got mine it's still waiting for me to dare to break the shrinkwrap for the past ten hours... :D

The smell of a freshly opened RPG box, nothing quite like it :D

I'll not be able to sleep until I've read everything...
It'll take you a while, I skimmed mine, they forgot to mark where the Zen Garden is on the map, but I figured it out with the old eyeball Mk 1.

good stuff - got mine last night. I'm hoping the posters will be available as a PDF...I think I'd like to enlarge part of it and make an encounter map of the zocalo; so much seems to happen there...or other parts of the station, for that matter. I like the inclusion of several indivisual business locations, restaurant locations, and rooms...the super economy room was pretty funny!!!

good stuff, worth the buy!

Just got it yesterday, the first thing I noticed : it's heavy ! (good sign I thought)

I didn't have much time yet to go through it but I really liked what I saw. (A list of all BabCom security codes ! That's nice !)
Nikopol said:
I didn't have much time yet to go through it but I really liked what I saw. (A list of all BabCom security codes ! That's nice !)

That reminds me, I'll need to cross reference those against the ones in the B5 Security Manual.

I got my box in today and all I can say is WOW! I think this is the best RPG box sett that I have ever purchased, nice work.

About the maps...How do you guys keep the wear and tear off of them other than not using em. I often have my maps press-boarded but I can't do that with double sided maps and I intend to use these. Should I roll em up and put em in a map case instead of having them folded?

Very glad to hear you liked it. :)

As for the maps, yeah, you can roll them up to save wear and tear on the creases. Or, if you're really ambitious (and plan to use them a lot) you can get two pieces of 1/8-inch glass or clear plastic and sandwich the map between them. I know one guy with a closet full of such things. The glass is easier to erase after marking it up during play, but the plastic is (obviously) more flexible and without the razor-like edges cut glass has.
This is a great product. I am totally happy with the completeness of it, and am eagerly looking forward to running my players through the ratmaze that is B5.