'Fiery Trial' Starships

Greg Smith

Are the Hermes transport and Llort Daggaden Penetrator in 'The Fiery Trial' official ships? If so are there pictures of them on the 'net? I hate trying to describe starships to my players when I could just show them a picture.

Well, they are as official as any of Mongooses stuff - they were part of published supplements done under license and supervision of WB. Originally they both came from the now gone space combat game "Babylon 5 Wars" by "Agents of Gamings". And were now re-featured in another licensed product.

There are a few nice pictures of the Hermes scattered through some of their supplements, as AoG had a CGI model made for it.
And a miniature of course. this being a mini game mostly (OK, so they had counters too, but those didn't look a tenth as goos as a painted mini, and were annoying to play with anyway - sure, they had the advantage that you could stack them and so have multiple ships in one hex, but they also had the great disadvantage of a gust of wind scattering whole battle fleets...). It was one of the last full-scale minis AoG produced... and looks rather nifty.

No such luck on the Daggarden, only the shiluette from it's Ship Control Sheet gives you a hint on how it might look (a nice asymmetrical design).
I don't own and have never played B5 wars. But it is nice to see that Mongoose are reusing the ships from it. It is annoying when ships etc from one licence are different in two products.

Thanks for the link Jadrax.

ShadowScout, do you know which supplement the Daggarden was in? I might be able to borrow a copy.
Greg Smith said:
ShadowScout, do you know which supplement the Daggarden was in? I might be able to borrow a copy.

Of course I do - :wink:
The Daggaden was in "Showdowns-4".
And thus can also be found in "Ships of the Fleet 2".
It's good to see that even some of the other old time B5W players aren't avoiding the RPG like the plague. Now, it's a matter of waiting for the fourth season book so I can get my hands on a Shadow Omega and the Ancients......
Hey, why should I avoid it - I have been a multi-classed Wargamer/Roleplayer all along! :wink: :lol:

I just hope they do the ShadOmega better than AoG... but I won't start That rant here... at least not now.

I DID like their take on the Streib ship - never liked the whacky AoG version of that one either.

However, some of the Mongoose stuff is more questionable - look on the differences of laser weaponry for the Omega, G'Quan and Primus some time...
i`m still getting flashbacks from the last time it blew up on the B5Wars Forum


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