Fiery Soul. New Brotherhood Spell.



Well, here is a new spell and a new concept, meta-wizardry techniques. Anyway, I am aware there are undoubtedly any number of horrific errors, balance issues therein, thus some constructive opinions would be welcome.

Fiery Soul
When the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star learnt about the Vassagonian Empire's mastery over the sorceries of wind and flame, they sent guildmembers to try to glean knowledge from the Vassan Warlocks about how to harness these terrible forces into spells and incantations. After many years of toil, and numerous services promised to the Vassan Lords, and many singed eyebrows, the Brotherhood finally managed to coalesce the newfound knowledge into a workable spell. The spell is still relatively unstable however, and is usually only chosen by slightly insane wizards, suicidal wizards, or those who are fond of not only killing, but also cooking and eating their enemies. (cannibal wizards). It is also a great way to impress impressionable young wizardess's in training...or so the myth goes among the Brotherhood Guildhall Dormitories.

Note: Up until level 10, only either this spell OR lightning hand may be chosen by a brotherhood player character. After word: Energy has been gained however, the wizard gains knowledge of lightning hand(or Fiery Soul if lightning hand was chosen) automatically.

Tier I: Lance of Fire
1 endurance

This dangerous spell results in a lance of pure scything flame bursting forth from the brotherhood mage's palm, and ripping into a single enemy. Upon a successful magikal attack roll the lance inflicts the wizards base magikal damage as fire damage upon the foe, and also forces it to make a reflex save versus the spells save dc, or burst into flame. If the save is unsuccessful the enemy takes another 1d6 points of fire damage, and must make saving throws each round until the fire is put out, or take 1d6 damage each round. (see the rules for fire in the lonewolf rulebook; note however that all saving throws are at this spells dc. Magikal fire is much harder to put out than mundane flames.)A wizard can make additional attacks per round with this spell, if his magikal attack bonus so permits, but must also pay endurance for each attack.

Note: The sheer power of this spell often makes the lance appear to be a white-hot bar of blazing energy, instead of a fiery lance.

Tier II: Crown of Flames
4 Endurance + special

This powerful defensive magik surrounds the brotherhood wizard in an aura of flame, and discourages opponents from flanking him in great numbers, making him a truly dangerous force on the battlefield. It grants a number of different uses.

Its primary function is defensive, and costs 3 endurance. Any opponent that successfully strikes the wizard in melee combat automatically takes the wizards base magikal damage as fire damage. The foe must also make a reflex save at the spells dc or catch on fire, taking another 1d6 points of damage, and from thereon follows the normal rules for catching on fire in the lonewolf rulebook. Any opponent within 5ft of the wizard must also make a fortitude save at the spells normal dc, or dazzled due to the immense light and heat generated by the flames. However, all ranged attackers within 60ft receive a +1 to attack and damage rolls to hit the wizard, since his illumination in the fiery aura makes him an easier target.

The spell's second function is offensive. By expending additional endurance over the 3 endurance needed to activate this spell, the brotherhood mage can cause the aura of fire to expand outward in a wave of furious fire, burning all in its wake. For every endurance point spent in this manner, the aura expands 6ft in a rolling ring of fire, and inflicts the wizards base magikal damage upon all its passes(no attack roll required), and also forces them to make reflex saves vs the spell's dc or catch on fire. Endurance spend in this way cannot exceed the wizards class level. Using the spell in this manner immediately ends its duration. It can however, be used at any time during the spells duration, and canny brotherhood wizards often wait until the last round of the spell's duration to activate it, in order to ensure that nothing upon the battlefield survives.

A side effect of this spell is that it grants the wizard immunity to cold, both magikal or otherwise, as long as it remains active. The spell itself can only be cast as a standard action.

Crown of Flames lasts for a number of rounds equal to the wizard’s class level, or until the offensive version of this Tier is used, in which case it ends immediately.

Tier III: Soul of the Phoenix
6 endurance

The most powerful Tier of Fiery Soul, Soul of the Phoenix can turn groups of powerful foes into broiled meat and charred ash by a mere incantation and gesture. The brotherhood wizard simply points at the ground no more than 60ft away from himself, and a column of white-hot flame erupts from underneath their feet. This fire does the wizards base magikal damage + his class level in fire damage to all foes within 30ft of the point of origin of the flames, but any foe that makes a successful reflex save is unharmed. The spell also forces a reflex saving throw versus the spell's normal dc, or the opponents catch fire and must follow the standard rules for catching on fire as in the lonewolf rulebook. (all saves are at the spells dc however, as magikal fire is harder to extinguish than mundane flames). Also, all opponents caught in the spells range, and who are unsuccessful on their reflex saves to avoid it, must also make an acrobatics check vs the spell's dc, or fall prone. This spell can only be used as a standard action.

The column of flame can be molded into any shape the brotherhood wizard desires. Most choose to shape the flames in its namesake; that of a fiery phoenix arising from the from the ground in an earth shattering explosion, while others choose wildly varying forms such as a dragon, jagged spears of flame, or any other that they desire.

Any brotherhood mage with the Fiery Soul and requisite spells can use the following meta-wizardry techniques:

Burn the Flight (requires Fiery Soul and Levitation spells)
Same endurance cost as for Halt the Flight +2

If a wizard successfully uses halt the flight on any creature, the creature must then make a reflex saving throw as per the spells dc, or catch on fire, and from thereon follow normal rules for catching on fire as stated in the lonewolf rulebook. (all dc's are at the spell's normal dc however, as magikal fire is harder to extinguish than mundane flames)

If this technique is used on physical projectiles (such as arrows), they are burnt to cinders in midair, instead of simply being held. If the brother desires, he may use this technique on friendly fire, and cause physical projectiles flung by his companions to do additional damage. This focused usage requires a readied action and cannot be used as a free action, and if discharged, it ignites friendly physical projectiles in flight addin the wizard's base magikal damage in fire in addition to their normal damage. This can only affect the same number of projectiles that can normally be affected by halt the flight.

Wrath of the Flames (Requires Fiery Soul and Vigor Spells)
Endurance cost for Wrath of War + 2

This technique, which can be cast as a standard action, allows the wizard to shape a sword of pure fire, and wield it in his hands. The wizard can attack with this sword using his magik attack bonus, since he controls the bar of lashing flames with his mind as well as his arm. It inflicts the wizards base magikal damage as fire damage upon his foes, and lasts for a number of rounds equal to his caster level. Any foe struck by the sword must make a reflex save at HALF the spells dc(since the flames are focused), or catch onto fire.

What makes this technique more attractive than simply using lance of fire is the fact that bonuses from other Tiers of the Vigor spell schools may be used in conjunction with this technique ( such as the +2 attk/dmg from Tier II). However, no spells from any school except vigor may be used whilst employing this technique.

There are tales from the time of the Helghast wars of Brotherhood Elders, growing impatient by the ponderous cavalry charges of knights, entering into battlefield themelves wielding flaming swords and surrounded by the Crown of Flames(Tier II Fiery Soul), laying waste to entire contingents of giaks and drakkarim by themselves.

Web of Flames (requires the Fiery Soul and Web spells)
Standard endurance for Lashing Webs (tier 2) + 2 )

When the brotherhood mage casts the lashing webs tier of the web spell through this technique, he can cause the the web to immediately bursts into flame at any time during the spell's normal duration. This inflicts the wizards base magikal damage as fire damage to all foes stuck in the webs.
That is a really nice peice of work. Has great atmosphere it feels very destructive. :)

It seems a bit powerful though but I need to check against the book to be sure. The first tier of effect looks very powerful I would be inclined to use the standard DC for putting the fire out. I like it, it just seems powerful against lightning hand.

I think that there is an error with the EP cost in the second tier.

I like the Meta magic effects particularily Burn The Flight you've got to love the ability to turn those sky diving Vordak into comets. :lol:

More comments when I have reread Lightning Hand.
I'm too tired at the moment for a full or well thought-out comment, but a quick read through leaves me pretty much in agreement with Winter Wolf.

Overall, pretty good, but I don't like the Ref saves being tied to the mage's standard save DCs. At high levels, Lance of Fire becomes very powerful, while still only having an End cost of 1. An powerful opponent or monster with a low Ref save can be easily eliminated from the fight with a single casting. (That assumes that being on fire limits one's capacity to fight ... I can't recall off-hand if that is the case, but I'm pretty sure it is).

To overcome this, and tie in more closely with the comments in the flavour text that this is dangerous magic, I'd be inclined to do something like up the End cost for Tier I to 3 or 4, and make Tier II 2 or 3 End per round.

Increasing the casting time to a full round for each spell might also be something worth thinking about; again, this ties in with the flavour text, and the difficulty these spells are ascribed.

Hmm ... yeah, I'd go with End 2 and Full Round for Tier I (with only one casting per round).

Full Round and 3 End for Tier II, with another full round action and 2 End per range band to use the area attack.

Tier III I'd drop to 5 End and also make Full Round.
Thanks for the comments guys. Sable's spell, winters call was ofcourse, the inspiration for this; his comment got me thinking and I decided to finally stat down a fire spell since a wizzie without fire is like a candle without flame. :shock: And thanks as well for not mentioning that I misspelled Firey as Fiery. Thats what I get for typing while up all night. Anyways, I'm a bit busy right now and have just skimmed over most of your coments; I'll read closer and work with the spell later on today and see what we get.

One thing you should note: Lightning hand does base magikal damage plus class level. Lance of Fire does bmd only, and the additional damage from fire comes only if a critter does not make its save. You are correct though, a high level wizards dc's will be insane.
Easy! Xex doesn't seem to feel comfortable enough here to register :wink:, and as a Guest he cannot edit his posts ...

Paido, back after a longer leave
Xex said:
One thing you should note: Lightning hand does base magikal damage plus class level. Lance of Fire does bmd only, and the additional damage from fire comes only if a critter does not make its save. You are correct though, a high level wizards dc's will be insane.

@Xen - I noticed the class level adds to the damage on Lightning Hand last night so I don't think it is too bad I would still use the standard fire reflex save 15.

@Paido - Long time no see, welcome back. :)
Hi Xen,

I was thinking of putting together a fan produced Magnamund spell book in PDF format. It could possibly be hosted by Tower Of The Sun if that is OK with winterhawk. Are you Ok with me using your spell in there you would get full acknowledgment.

Are there any edits that you would like me to make.
No problem. Go ahead. I have been of the mind to make a few edits, but never got around to it. (mostly because, like paido said, I'm unable to edit my own posts. Too lazy to register. :( ))

Make whatever edits you want, and then plug in your name with the credits as well, since it will be your work then as well. maybe try coming up with some new meta-wizardry feats as well.

Lastly, when you are done let us know here, so we can see your add on. I look forward to it.
Xex damnit! :evil: X - E - X...!!!


Good luck winter, and I think I speak for the majority of us when I say we look forward to it.
This is now available over on the downloads section of Tower Of The Sun

If anyone else has any good magic ideas stick them on this thread formatted like the ones above and I'll see about adding it.