Feroda, a Jrusteli outpost on the Zola Fel delta (Prax)



I'm running a campaign in the 3rd Age around Pavis and the River of Cradles. As you may know, in the old Pavis & Big Rubble there is a small scenario about digging a small ruined temple of Zola Fel that was once part of the Jrusteli small town of Feroda. Well, I'm planning to expand this and make it a big exploration scenario of the sunken town. The Jrusteli built it with the only purpose of raiding the giant cradles coming down the river, so it must be interesting. Besides, the Lunars are digging into it (and have the jrusteli Watchdog of Corflu as a result).

I have The Rough Guide to Pavis City, that includes a little information about Feroda in the 2nd age, with a cool picture of the town guarded by two immense cyclop golems (the huge Watchdog is made with parts of these).

I wonder if anyone has already fleshed this out as a dungeon-like scenario (possibly half underwater!). If not, can you suggest some ideas to me, as to what could 3rd Age explorers find there? With the Lunars digging in the marsh, this seems like the perfect opportunity to stage a really Indiana Jones adventure there! :D

Would the book Ruins in Glorantha be useful for this? What other books could I use to get ideas (even if non-RQ)?



Cosmic Mongoose
In my campaign, I use Feroda as a place of mystery, a taboo place where no good Praxian would go. Orlanthi avoid the area because of the God learner connection. Lunars have started to go there, in fact in that campaign the PCs discovered the Watchdog of Corfle and told the Lunars where to find it, resulting in the activation of the Watchdog.

I'd play Feroda as a buried city of ruins. The destruction of the Godlearners was fairly complete and Feroda was smashed by a number of gigantic water elementals, at the very least. Its ruins would have been buried by the silt brought in by the water forces, so some of them could conceivably be fairly complete. I can't see any of them being classic "dungeons" with inhabited ruins, though, as they would have been buried and left there for hundreds of years.

RQ Ruins would be useful, especially the Ruin Generator. In fact, I generated a random 1000 ruins some time ago, I think, and posted them on line. I'll have a look to see if I can find the spreadsheet. That might save a bit of time in generating the ruins.