Arkobla Conn

anyone else concerned that the fear roll may be a bit dangerous for your PC's? I sent a group of skeleton warriors against my group, they rolled for fear and half of them ran...If I had played it straight, it would have stayed that way until the 'end' of the combat...which may have been bad for the PC that stayed. When considering what to throw against PC's, we don't often take into account poor fear save rolls...

Anyone else finding this a potential problem?
I can imagine being left alone to face the skeletons!!!

I had thought about crimson mist in this regard, it's a bit dangerous being able to withstand a terrorific monster in a berserk frenzy, while probably everybody else is running terrified to save their lives?

I fact that was a question I wanted to make: does a character berserked with crimson mist enter such a bloody rage, that he will endanger himself facing an ugly, big and mean monster, because he succeded his will saving throw? Or does he remain sensible enough to recognize danger, and decide to run with his terrified comrades? Would that require a second will save? That would be a good laugh!

Did this went off topic?
This gives me this kind of reflexion: you don't always need be overcome by fear to run away from fight. :wink:
I've found the Fear effects to be a great source of entertainment.

A quote from our 6'6" Nordhiemer baerserking barbarian:

"I didn't swoon! I tripped over something and banged my head on a rock!"
I also remember that Confusion effect can also be lethal to any group: some are paralyzed, others are panicking and the rest is attacking anything near to them.
How I loved Umber Hulks :!: