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After reading through the numerous threads on fluff/background in SST, and the resulting debates I realized something. Someone in one of those threads mentioned that they felt as though the fluff/short stories the players are generating are more than sufficeint to maintain their interest in the background of the game world. After reading that I started looking through some threads and there actually is some pretty good fan art type stuff on these boards. So what I'm wondering is how everyone would feel if we just started a thread for fan art/fan fiction so that we can have all those stories plus anything new that comes down the pike in one convenient thread? I'm not really sure what the regs. are regarding that type of thing but if Mongoose is ok with it I think it would be really cool for us to have a place to tell our own stories. So what does everybody else think?
I like fan fiction, fun to write and read, and a thread would be cool. What would be even cooler is if we finally got separate SST sections so we could have fan fiction, modelling, etc! Also multi person story threads are always fun, where one person posts the first paragraph or two, someone else writes the next paragraph. Its hard to make it serious but you always end up with something funny at least :D
I have been writing a story about the "Ironfoot Troopers" and their mission to take out an arachnid colony on a newly discovered moon of Tophet called Xepher.
I would happily post the story if such we were to start such a thread. :D
I will post some of my fan fiction as soon as I get around to tidying it up folks, got quite a bit here.

Dr. Rooster said:
Somebody should talks to mathew sprange or another admin about it.

Fan fiction thread is now available for all to view and post. Please follow the rules that are posted there though thanks. If this proves popular we may devote a section of the fourm to fan fiction in general.