Faith & Fervour: Is it worth getting?

I was wondering if anyone has bought/reviewed this yet and if it is worth getting right now, or if I should wait and get it after I get Argos & Zingara and Reavers of the Vilayet when they come out?

Thanks. :)
Well, if religion is one of the focus in your campaign, then I say get it, it's worth it! It's really a great sourcebook, but its focus is religion.
Yeah, depends on your campaign really. I don't see any point in buying a book unless its gonna be used. Or if you're just collecting them for fun.
I like it. Usefull for background and if either the PCs or antagonist or the culture uses religion. However, I'm easy. I'm pretty happy with most of the books. The only supplement that looks crappy is Tito's.
useful for both pc and npc it is worth getting and agree the only non star so far has been titos but ony because the standard of this line is so high 8)