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D'oh... OK, one bug in the new version identified, although that really doesn't make sense considering you don't have to pay for a barbette or bay.

Barbette's and bay's are integrated with the same weapon system. Turrets can take different weapons and there are several types of turrets available.

I know. The turret is separate from the weapon system. That's why it does not make as much sense to pay extra for the turret when upgrading the weapon. Other than for unity of calculation after installation.

Edit: Never mind. I get it...finally... mods like size reduction have nothing to apply to other than the turret, so it is being affected.
Fixedly mounted weapon systems could be considered like barbettes to be integral to the hull, but like turrets, interchangeable.

Flexible in composition, yet rigid in their arc of fire.
Just realized that one of the requested changes to how the crew calculates broke the monthly salary calculation when added a column. That's fixed.

Edit: Link removed. Use newest version below or in first post.
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Fixed an issue with the calculations for cargo cranes and loading ramps.

Edit: Ugh... If you downloaded this one and didn't see this edit, I had to fix the link. Download again... Sorry about that.
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Everything is locked behind passwords.

You ask for input but don't give access?

The Password protection is there to keep people from accidentally ruining the sheet. What is the first Password security people tell you not to use? It literally asks you for the correct Password.

The input I requested is on whether it is calculating correctly and quality of life improvements. Those don't require access to the formulas.
But hey, since the thread got bumped, I'll share a ship.
Sword Worlder Scramasax Class 400 ton Light Raider.
Record Sheet:


Found an issue with Cargo Cranes and another with single turret lasers in the SSD

New version:
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This update reduces Stealth Jump to use one mod instead of two, per the High Guard errata.

If you don't want to update, the user defined mods can do the same thing:
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Corrected an issue with Sensor add-ons not displaying in the SSD, due to changing the way they are installed a while back.

If you don't use the SSD's for combat, you don't need this update.
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A typo crept into a drop down list, which affected mixed weapons turrets.

New Version:
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