EVO - How detailed are the main rules + pre-painted Building



I would like to see a rusty/battered T-62 for the African warlords as they would not have uptodate equipment.

Also in the full rules I would like to see Vehicles having different hit locations and armour for each location.

eg:- Locations Turret or Hull

and for each location armour value for Front/side/rear and maybe even top as some of the newer A/T missiles attack the top of thye vehicle.

Then have different damage tables to see if the vehicle is destoyed or some part eg gun is now longer working.

You could have one for hull hits and one for turret hits.

It would also be nice to have tank crew figures and roll to see if any get out if the vehicle is hit. you could also use them if the crew fail a marole test and abandon the vehicle, once they know its safe they could get back in.

Also have you looked at doing pre-painted Buildings.
I have one for my 20mm WW2 (Conflix by Pocketbond)

Its the Ruined Villa-Removeable Floor it cost £15:00.
They are made of Resin. Plastic would be better due to easier to transport.

Seems to me your multiple tables multiple locations. roll for each location to hit, to armor save to damage on yet another table, roll for each crew member to hit, armor save, to damage or wound etc.etc. This would bring any game to a dead boring crawl. Fire twenty shots and spend tweny minutes resolving them, then the same for all reaction shooting. Shaking head no, no, no. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

You would have to look each up on its appropriate table to resolve one single shot could take a large and measurable time period.

I personally would hate the game if they went that direction.

That smacks of Rogue Trader rules from 20 years ago. You could drive players away in droves and new players would try one demo game and never be seen again.

Just my opinion, for what it is worth. Free opinion so pretty worthless. :D :D :D :D

Anything the complicates the rules should be an optional rule.
and all players hould agree what oprional rules are in use.

For the basic rules I have no problem with if the vehicle is hit it is destroyed.

Also a possible optional rule you could have if a vehicle it hit.

1-2 can not move
3-4 gun does not work
5-6 tank destroyed

if tank crew figures are avalable roll D6 to see how many get out when vehicle destoyed.

I think its good to have different levels of rules, I agree if you are playing a large battle then you do not want so much detail, But if you only have a couple of vehicles then more detail is nice.

As for infantry I have no problem ith they are killed(to badly wounded to fight on) when hit.

If playing a campign then you could roll to see what of your out of play forces is only wounded/damaged and is back in action for the next game.