Errors in physical edition


Hey everyone, got my copy of Sea of Thieves in the other day. It's a really nice box, but I've run into one fairly large issue. My Personality cards are misprinted. I have six with positive traits on both sides and six with negative traits on both. I haven't found anything else so far, but that one is fairly annoying. I can always print out corrected ones, but I felt this needed to be brought up. If anyone else has this problem please chime in. Also if you find anything else that would be super. I'm still going through the material in print.


Staff member
Hi there,

Apologies for this, it is a printing error in this set - however, it is easily solved.

If you take a trip to our Sea of Thieves page ( and scroll to the bottom, you will found a series of free downloads, including an FAQ which demonstrates how to use the cards.