Error on the B5 Season 5 DVD box set (Region 2)!!!!!



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Hi guys,

I'm posting this on the BAbylon 5, B5: A Call to Arms and General Discussion threads to make sure anyone who should see it does.

I recently received the B5 Season 5 box set DVDs (Region 2) in the post. I was checking each disc randomly and noticed a fault on disc 5. When watching the second episode on disc 5, which is Episode 18 of the season "The Fall of Centauri Prime".

When I watch that episode it starts out straight away at the titles, completely missing the teaser part of the episode.

Just wondered if anyone else's set has this problem as well. So far myself and Wulf Corbett have spotted it. If anyone spots any other errors please let us know.

I've found the contact details I used last time I got in touch with Warner about sorting out the Season 1 DVD fault. They are:

Mr Steven Hill
Warner Home Video (UK) Ltd.
Warner House
98 St. Theobald's Road

Phone 020 7984 6408
Fax 0207984 6401

Not sure if these details are still valid, it's been almost 2 years since it all happened.

And incase anyone tells you it's supposed to be like that it isn't. I dug out my old Season 5 VHS copy of that episode, there is a 'previously on...' and some new stuff in the teaser. Also if you listen to the commentary track it sounds like JMS is in the middle of something.

I'll let you know if I have any luck with Warner or Play, if you find anything out could you let me know. Post on one of the three threads or pm me here on the boards. I'm on at least once a day.

The more people that spot the error and pester Warner about it, the quicker they'll have to 'fess up and then fix it.

Thanks for your time and help.