Errata for Blood Moon Rising


Hey, I noticed a few typos and other grey areas in the scenario, and this thread is devoted to any others that other players may find. August or some other Mongoose could step in and answer our questions, or once all the typos are in, they could correct the document.

The Shianlune Bow:
On page 49, it says that its critical range is initially 19-20, yet on page 50, under "Deadly Shot", it says that the bow becomes 19-20. Which one is right?

The index at the beginning lists the same chapter twice in Act III.

Page 8 typo:
"as long as they eventually deliver the cloak to Toran, Geyron or the Brotherhood will be able to safely recover the document."

Page 9 typo:
"looks to have been written in the same handwriting, but in a rushed and ."

Page 10 typo:
"There are seldom more than 50 of them iin existence at any one time"

Page 11 typos:
"No Perception checks are needed to notices the gory sight
– the horse was attacked and killed on the road and the
Player Characters will have not trouble noticing this."

Page 13 typo:
"They may also [meet?] further up the road heading toward Toran."

Page 24 typo:
"Regardless of
how they find it, a night in the Boar of Pony will cost 1 Gold Crown for each hero."

Page 25 typo:
"Anyone acting towards Kierra in anything but a pleasant fashion will rapidly be warned by Colman or Tianna to back off."

Page 26 typos:
"Such sales, and what merchandise might be available, is entirely up the Games Master."

"If the heroes were unpleasant at the gate, or become too friendly with Kierra or Mikel, they will earn his distrust (and suffer a –2 penalty to Charisma-based checks with Barnet). Any Player Character who assaulted his guards or hurt Kierra are in for a very tough time in Toran,[...]"

Page 28 mistake:
The description of the sage Geroyn is the same as that of Ayrendon.

There's a missing value for Geroyn's concentration skill bonus:

"Skills: Appraise +9, Bluff +5, Concentration +X, Diplomacy
+5, Gather Information +8,[...]"

Page 30 typos:
"He also has a of magical gift to bestow."

"He will present the it to the Player Characters, explaining that its magic will be permanently lost after three uses."

Page 32 typos:
"A thorough examination of the mess will and a successful DC 12 Heal check, will also verify that the deer was slain by a creature with claws like those used on Andus and his horse."

"The dream itself is which is describing the funeral of the deceased Suukon hero."

Page 38 typo:
"Another jerkily moves forwards and then collapses into a pile of duty bones."

Page 39 typo:
"the Suukon hero is truly resting in piece and will not assault them even for the crime of grave robbing."

Page 41 "now" repeated:
"The Hound is out there and it has no idea that now, it is now the hunted."

Page 42 typo:
"It is still a very dangerous creature and no matter how powerful the arms these new weapons are, their wielders are still the same relatively fragile heroes they were before they acquired them."

Page 45:
The text for the Harrowing Hound is a direct copy and paste from the previous scene. This part needs to be changed because the Hound is described as having just howled:
"The Hound does not have the inclination to use its extraordinary howl ability in this combat."

Page 50 typo:
"A particular creature is only every susceptible to this instant death ability once in its existence..."

That's it for now, I'll add more as I find them.
The bow looks like it is designed after a keen bow with the Improved Critcal feat on after you get to that level. Following that logic, the base bow should have a crit range of 19-20, and then a 17-20 x3 then times 4 as the power increases.
Page 44, and page 46 - in both cases, right after the "Victory" box:

The voices and Anyone using any kind of magically enhanced vision will clearly be able to see...
Ok, I've read through the whole scenario and that's about it. I haven't checked all the rules and skills for every character, but I doubt that's necessary.
Fantastic scenario, and I love the Shinlune Bow!
One problem though. I compared the map with that in Flight From The Dark. Our heroes have to travel about fifty miles overnight! Some what excesive, especially if the party includes Dwarves or anyone carrying a heavy load. Horses would help, but then the players might just decide to leg it to the Kai Monastary. I'd suggest starting the adventure closer to Toran.
The players should recieve horses from either Geroyn or Ayrendon, so they can get to the crypt easily. Once they get there, they may leave the horses outside. If and when the heroes leave the crypt the horses will be dead, shredded by the Hound.
A smart player might suggest bringing the horses into the first part of the crypt. They will not want to go in, but several Handle Animal checks should allow it. The outer door can be shut to protect the horses, who will not go any further. Any player who thinks of this should recieve fifty XP at the end of the adventure.
I'd also suggest that, on there way back to Toran, the party meet a mounted group of High ranking Knights and Kai Masters hunting for the Hound. This can be used to help things seem more realistic, in that an entire nation is not dependent on a handfull of heroes for security. If the players think that there efforts were unnessacary, point out (via an NPC) that the Hound would have undoubtably killed many more before the hunters caught up with it. The NPC's will give any dismounted players a lift as the return to Toran. Along the way a couple of Kai Masters will discuss an expedition to Slovia to make sure that Helghast is dealt with.
Fair point, but at this time the Kai lords are at full strength. Whilst the PCs are the heroes, at this stage they are only just beginning the path of greatness. They should be out there risking life and limb to save innocents and fight evil. They're actions will have consequences that will affect the future. But I just think it is a bit daft if every threat to the world can only be solved by a handfull of barely trained (at this stage) teenagers.
Also, given that Sommerlund has all these resources for defence (Kai, Knights, BOTCS), players might wonder why no one else seems to be doing anything to help. The PCs should get the impression that the world around is a very dangerous place, and showing NPCs doing there bit can reinforce that. There may even be roleplaying opportunities in having an NPC turn up to give significant help in one adventure (perhaps even bailing the PCs out of trouble), and having the heroes rescue or avenge him later ("You remember Sir Gelvor who saved your lives in that Drakkarim ambush? He was recently appointed ambassador to Durenor, and set off two months ago. No sign of him has been seen scince. We need volunteers to trace his movements...).

So yes, the heroes should be vital for security, just not at this early stage IMHO.
To show to the players what Lone Wolf is really about, let them face dangers immediately even at low levels! This is especially important if you got players who haven't read the books.
none of my pc's have read the books
they seem to love the rpg tho, and as its the only one i can run properly, everyone's happy :p
Certainly players should face danger, and play a vital part in the battle against evil. The important thing IMO is to get a balance between dramatic adventure and the sense of a real world going on around them.
Look at Star Trek. In many episodes, paticularly TNG, you get the idea that the Enterprise is just one of many ships. This does not make the crews actions any less heroic, there battles less challenging, there victories less significant.
On the other hand, look (if you dare) at The Motion Picture. Here the most important planet in the Federation is attacked and a single untested ship is sent to defend the world because there are no other vessles in range! This is absurd.
So yes, the PC's should be heroic, but if they are going to stand alone against the forces of darkness there should be a good reason why no one more experienced is with them. Blood Moon Rising gives a good example of this in that the heroes are caught up in events from the start, and have to kill the Hound quickly before too many innocents are slaughtered.
Allright guys, I know I'm not the last to cry for more support for LW and that I'm often very impatient...
.. but I've finally read all the Blood Moon Rising adventure and...

...I would like to THANK August and the Mongoose team VERY MUCH!

This free adventure is a real good thing and is very well done.
Ok, ok, you can find some typos but that's not the main thing...

The main thing is that this adventure is:
- extremely well writen for new (and also not-so-new) GM. All advice given within these pages are clever and usefull (at least, it reflects my own way of GMing, for exemple: the "cinematic option" of the Finale),
- progressive in terms of fight difficulty AND mood,
- allow players to make contacts within the Sommerlund society (especially in Toran),
- is perfect to gather all kind of PC,
- free (that must be emphasised!),
- simply cool!

In one word: excellent!
I hope that DoD is made out of the same stuff! :D
Page 28 mistake:
The description of the sage Geroyn is the same as that of Ayrendon.

There's a missing value for Geroyn's concentration skill bonus:

"Skills: Appraise +9, Bluff +5, Concentration +X, Diplomacy
+5, Gather Information +8,[...]"

I think this is the most important thing to fix ASAP...
especially the missing paragraph..

a part of that..
very well written, adaptable, expandible...
great the cinematic options and the guidelines to introduct all the character classes :)
Finally I'm playing this scenario with my group..
only a question..
does the beacon of brillianca of the shialune bow look more like a malus to me or what? is it intended??