Epic slaine homebrew campain-the tears of lir

toothill man

sorry about the delay guys but misplaced some of my note for a few weeks.this campain goes on from the other and is based on events that happened then as has been asked this time will at the end of every session what my group made of it this will be in() hope you enjoy this one and please keep the comments coming
introduction to the campain(DM notes)

When aluna was given too the witches for training a pact of mutual aid was made In which the group have been now placed under the command of the witches.

Once order from the wildman attack is made right the hag will take them on a epic quest,they are told it is too find the magical tears of lir the truth is differant and will be hinted along the way.

The legend is well known too all as it is a firm favourite among all the tribes of the goddess.the legend states that there exists tears shed when lir was betrayed by his son and forced into both exile and sleep.the themes of the campain are coming doom and betrayel as these are the end times before ragnorak.The mood sould be dark and moody with it seems no escape from doom or death.

Humor sould be of the gallows type and the celtic humor of knowing fate is against you but doing it anyway looms large.A sense of homesickness after the storm keeps in with the feel.
Sweet I cannot wait to see how this unfolds. I'm hoping to put together a new campaign and this might just be what I could use atleast for inspiration. Toothhill, you've done it again ole chap! :D
thanks old boy rest will be soon work is very hard at moment plus famliy finding less and less room too type but will get there in the end just be patient with me 8)
For Xmas this year I would like details of a campaign that I can enjoy reading and then plagiarize till my hearts content.

At a push I could settle for Elisha Cuthbert, gift-wrapped!!! :twisted:


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Hello Mr Toothill,

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Borrowed a lot out of your part one, and worked really well, take my DM's hat off to you.

So just looking forward to part II & III.

Just working on some Conan stuff at the moment.

have the stuff written up for ages now in fact the group are near the end of the third epic campain and this is only the second have been so busy with challenge of the gulls which you are welcome to read and nick from have not kept up with this forum for which I am sorry please give me alittle more time and will start the write ups again
No worries mate, just really liked your original stuff and thought you had a good grasp on the setting.

So I will look forward to the rest.

How many sessions do you think you have left before you finish it?

How bigs the groups now?
without my books in frount of me
tears was 30 peices long
guardians is 35 and counting (ending at approx 43ish)

group is me(DM) and 3 others same 3 now for years and years :D
hope the details help 8)
session 1

(straight on from warriors)

the feast

the victors are having a feast where they are the guests but are put to one side and told that their is a pact between their clan and the witches a senior witch is on a quest and the group is too join her today.

the hall is mellow and suddenly from no were a storm fills the night sky with pounding rain and the hall doors are ripped open.from the sky comes a single figure in black her cloack wrapped around her like a living mummy.

the torches and fire go out the rain highlighting the figure who with one finger using lots of globes of fire relight the fire and torches.she says I am a the crone and you will follow me to the tears of lir if you last my test.

the group come and find themselves surrounded with winds which lift them into the sky with the group following the crone and amused by the dwarf pretending to swim.

they land at a cove and the crone turns and commands the group too slay the beast.
session 2 the cave

inside the cave is a dragon which after great battle is killed the crone just nods her head and takes a small brass bound chest from the hoard

she then with a magic word reduces the dragon too ash baring its gem brain which she keeps.the group are taken out of the cave and she collapses it so the tresure is lost

.the storm has gone and its under the dawn light that the crone says a magic word which opens the chest.inside is a amulet of blue waves on a gold chain and a couple of inscribed gold sheets of some lost rite

the crone again commands they walk to a nearby cove were their is a small settlements of fishing crofts.they do and find that they are not of the goddess tribe but are of midguard tribe.

she then says they are in the heart of the midguard lands just a cove away from their main sailing fleets bases and demands that the group steal a 6 man midguard boat and return for her :shock:
session 3

this turned out to be lots of fun as the group blacked up on a mission impossible type mission too steal a boat.(even had the mission impossible tune on a loop as back ground music)the guards were the best of viking humor and it was fun.

they stole a new boat and after picking up the crone all hell broke out and the fleet whent out with a flying boat too capture them.It was a race and a close one but rescued by a squad of black fleet flying ships and then they dock ready to for a ceromony that will happen at midnight.
All sounds very good, how did they go about slaying the dragon, what lvl were they by then???

I bet coming face to face with a dragon was a bit of a shock??
at the time cramps the dwarf was 5th level,beren was 4th and kalim also 5th the dragon almost killed them but had a supply of healing potions so used them all up before the fun begain which was one of the ideas also they attacked in the cave in 3 directions at one with the confined space meaning dragon couldnt fly even then a close call but a favourite of mine.

hope that helps 8)