Energy Mine Clarifications "Armagedon Style"


OK, so the Energy mines no longer get the -1, but they still can't get criticals. They still ignore dodge and stealth, but it now appears that interceptors can stop an area effect energy blast. Are we reading this correctly?

think he missed the ignores interceptors bit earlier on in the paragraph about new e-mines in armageddon. they end with ignores stealth and dodge, but ignoring interceptors is about halfway through.
In armagedon, dodge and stealth are listed as being ignored, but there is no mention of interceptors being ignored. We assumed this was a typo or dropped line, but I wanted to make sure.
As katadder says, it says ignores interceptors right before cannot split fire and no longer suffers -1 on the damage table.

It Interceptors would work against them......thatd make em even kinda nerks .............

Luckily not ^^. That thread really just gave me a shock.
Here's one: Can Advanced Energy Mine launchers use variable loads? if so, are they still slow loading? There appears to be no point to short charge an advanced launcher, true?

i think they can, obviously the only downside is the loss in range, other than that non slow loading so ship breakers every turn :) now if it added 50% to range as well like it does to normal e-mines that would rock.
short charging would only be used if you had ship breakers as short charge has twice the range.
But the problem is.

If you want ship breakers go with an old design. Then you will get more firepower. One 8AD advanced launcher or Two 8AD standards....

That is what is bugging so much about the advanced launchers. They actually decrease firepower for added range, but when do you actually use 30"+ range? And that on top of a AJP ship......
well in a game where you have to be at least 36" apart you could sit your ka'bin'tak further back and have your fleet sit on all stop for a turn, especially if fighting centauri as they have nothing with that range even after one move.
Well taking a Ka'Bin'Tak is stupid anyway. 2 Bin'Taks can throw alot more firepower....

The G'Vrahn OTOH doesnt need the range, its rast, maneuverable and has AJP, taking an ultraranged E-Mine is not really an advantage, id prefer 2 Bin'Tak style launchers instead of a single adnvanced one. You can alternate fire, to get the same output losing only the 30"+ range (but with AJP kinda moot) and youd have the advantage of getting double firepower for extra OOmph.
And for shipbreaker fans like me. The standard e-mine is actually more powerful. You get 2 Shortcharges instead of one. and the shipbreaker salvo is also more powerful. DOwnside is you will miss the shortcharge for a turn, but that is little issue i guess.
Advanced Emines aren't slow loading. What I want to know is if the variant warheads lose slow loading as well.

IMHO, Advanced Energy Mines can use variant E-mines, SFOS states the weapon system must bean E-mine launcher, the E-mine trait is not enough (Pulsar mines no variants for you).

Also I can see no reasonable interpretation to give variant E-mines in an Advanced Energy Mine system the Slow Loading trait. Fire at Will