Elric : Casting runes and dedicated power



I have begun an Elric campaign using Legend. I'm confused with the available magic points a runecasting character may have to cast runes while he has dedicated some power points to a cult.

The text about "Magic points available" on the top of page 172 in the Legend book confuses me and makes me think that magic and runes for Elric rpg may be not that good...

Here's my exemple :

Theleb K'aarna has 11 Power, 10 points dedicated to Chaos, and 1 magic point. He has 5 gifts (I don't know how much Power they cost for him).

If he wants, for example, to cast his sleep rune, how much points available does he have?

Only 1?

Thanks for your refreshing answers!

François Letarte


you are correct..in that case he would have just one point of power, but you are reading it wrong (it is badly written).
As Theleb K'aarna is NOT in the legend book but on 195 of the Elric core rules you can see he has 11 pow available and 10 dedicated to chaos in brackets for a total of 21

the 10 points bound to a chaos cult which he cannot use for magic (he has the gifts as a reward for sacrificing this POW)
and another 11 free to use for his runes.


Yes, Theleb's stats, as well as some others have errors in them. There is another thread on that subject. But yes, available MP for Runes = POW-Dedicated POW. So if your POW is 15 and you dedicated 5 to a cult you have 10MP available for Runecasting. If you have any MP invested in inscribed Runes they are also deducted from your total until you release them from the inscribed rune.


Okay! That explains everything!!!

Thanks guys for your answers! I'd like to read the thread you said about it! Can you give me the link to it?

And is there any errata for that? Because that's right, it's confusing with 1 magic point written there for Theleb K'aarna...

Thank you once again!

François Letarte