Drinax to Theev

I am prepping for Pirates of Drinax and expect players to go to Theev fairly early on using the published adventures.
The issue is that the shortest route from Drinax to Theev is 11 Jump 2's through Imperial Space. Has anyone else had a problem with this? I am assuming other pirates would like to be able to get jump 2 ships to Theev without going through Imperial space
I am considering several fixes
1)Pirate Fuel caches to allow deep space jumps. Problem means trusting other pirates , looks like it won't work on that basis unless use of the refueling stops comes under the same privleges as visiting Theev and so discourages backstabbing
2) An inflatable fuel bladder in the Harrier's hold allowing it to store enough fuel for an extra Jump 1.
3) Flat out cheating and declaring the Harrier to be Jump3 by GM Fiat. I don't like this but it is convenient
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There is a solution in the published adventures.
If the players follow the "breadcrumb quest" (the hints and scenario steps) in the scenario "Honour among Thieves", they should end up at Theev without going the long way around.
See p. 38 of Book 1 - Campaign for the final bit of info.

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#1 doesn't necessarily mean that the fuel caches are in common. It's likely that any organized group (which includes all of the known operators on Theev) would establish its own network of fuel caches, and this info wouldn't get shared around. Unless two groups just happened to pick the exact same spot (which is really unlikely, given the distances involved), they'd never know about one anothers' caches.
fyi there is a published adventure that gives a bit more detail on the fuel depot near theev
it's called Operation Choke Point.