Drinax Campaign update:


Cosmic Mongoose
My Drinax campaign is rapidly drawing to a close. We have just finished module 9 and are heading for the finale.

My campaign is drifting a fair distance from the modules. My players were never much interested in piracy and subcontracted that out to Darochyn and his fleet. They conentrated on trade routes and infrastructure development deals and the politics of trade. (while keeping a percentage for themselves).

They have crushed other pirate gangs, or forced them to serve under Darokyn. Their trade ships have Sindalian transponder codes so do not get attacked.

The Merchant character took the throne for himself during the Coup at the palace. With the Royal children away he took over. Sending the rest of the party to Asim to track down the wayward royals they also took letters of introduction to the government of Asim, and orders to the Winged Guard from Admiral Wrax. (Wrax happily supports them, they brought him the recovered Harriers for the Drinaxian navy.

The party met with Harrick and Rao and discovered the deal Rao had with her distant friends. They met the Ghost ship, but were being protected by the stealthed Harrier, and a custom stealthed ship the players had built.( a ship with torpedo capability to use the special torpedos from the Sindalian Trasure Hoard) In a game of shadows the stealthed ships scanned for each other. The ghost of the Reach botched the roll for searching in the beginning and the Harrier found them first. When the ghost discoverd the stealthed ship the battle was on. The Harrier and torpedo boat shot first and did massive damage with the particle barbettes. The advanced missiles that followed it caused Critical hits to the Jump Drive, Armour and cargo hold. Surpsingly the torpedoes missed the Ghost of the Reach due to an abysmal roll. Still, the zhodani ship was badly hurt, near a gravity well at the gas giant and had 2 ships capable of outrunning it.

The party told the Ghost to stand to and explain why they were in the system controlled by the new King of Drinax. Rao was with them to make introductions and the party offered to meet with the Zhodani as a diplomatic and trade mission. The Zhodani are famour for their terraforming technology, and Drinax has a planet to mend.

So the Zhodani are now being dealt with as a trade delegation and their presence can be justified on paper at least as a diolomatic venture. The new King is hoping to use the presence of the Zhodani to get concessions from the Imperium to protect the budding Kingdom.

For the finale the deals arranged over the past 2 years real time will all be brought to the table. The Tech-World main has a favourable tech base and resource system in place. Asim is being groomed to produce more foodstuffs for trade. There is an empty planet to offer to settlers, Verspexers, Drinaxians etc to get land of their own.

All the adventures have resulted in Contacts known to try and get the best settlement from the powers that surround the kingdom. I look forward to seeing what the players come up with next.


Very cool! I love how they took it off the rails, I'm looking forward to finding out how my group might do, once I restart the campaign.


Emperor Mongoose
Very cool to hear how your campaign has gone, PsiTraveller! We're much earlier in the timeline.

My guys tried to set up an arrangement wherein they performed trade and diplomacy and they farmed out the piracy to other interests, but the King wouldn't hear of it. Being a king, he felt that his plan (even if it was his daughter who came up with the bulk of it) should be followed to the letter. When the Ghost of Sindal (the name my players chose for the Harrier) crew came back from their first voyage (encompassing the events of "Honor Among Thieves") and they hadn't actually pirated a single ship, Oleb initiated software failsafes in the Harrier to shut it down and used the Floating City's gravitics tech to anchor it. The king expressed his appreciation that they were making inroads with the Torpol and Clarke systems, but was furious that they didn't pirate a single ship.

The players already owned a far trader and they acquired the Mercifuge from Redthane's gang (they captured the Janal Torsk, too, but sold it to a chop shop through Zhuekvi, who offered his services to them) and they prepared for a life without the Ghost. But after a nicely roleplayed negotiation session with King Oleb, they consented to start pirating ships to hold up their end of the bargain. And so far they've taken one, the Callsign Alpha from the "Ship Encounters" book. Nicely executed theft, I might add!

Now we're on to "Treasure Ship." The players seem really excited about pulling off a heist.


Cosmic Mongoose
My players named the Harrier "The Aluminum Falcon"

My campaign went sideways from the start. Two players are Empire loyalists. The new King has a 12 Soc and is a Baron in the Moot. The Commodore is a decorated veteran with Contacts in Imperial Intelligence. So the group has ties to the Empire throughout the campaign.

In addition I skipped the long run out to the nanotech planet. I just roleplayed out the desire of Tech-World to be independent of GeDeCo. This is where the trading deals began in a big way. (with a nice cut to the King, so he made more than piracy.)

I also skipped over the Game of Sun and Shadow. The players were deep into politics and not pirating, so doing a pirate hunt adventure was a diversion.

The Vorito Gambit became a heist movie. They stole the Jaskarl AI, copied it, and inserted a virus into the remaining program to alter the predictions. This gives Vorito bad intel and forecasting. oops.

It has been a fun campaign to run.