Dredd vs. Death module suggestion



How about a JD d20 RPG conversion of the Dredd vs. Death video game? I found the video game quite engaging. I have read other gamers' ideas to convert the video game Knights of the Old Republic to Star Wars d20, and I find the idea intriguing. An individual GM could do it with a cheat/hint book (if one is to be had). The benefit is that the storyline and maps are already done. If Mongoose could get that material from the video game producer (Sierra), then the RPG adventure should almost write itself. A VERY cool tie-in would be to make a CD/DVD RPG adventure component with the video game's soundtrack (not available as advertised on the web site) and screeenshots showing the area or foes (even handouts would be nice). Well, it's a good dream nonetheless.
Hello scourger,
I toyed with the idea of writing DvD up as a two part adventure for Signs and Portents when the game first came out, but there are a few logistical problems that would have to be addressed if the game where to work as an adventure.

Obviously the game revolves around Joe Dredd rather than a party of judges and it would be easy enough to have the Players involved moving from location to location, but when all is said and done putting your average party of say 5th level street judges up against any of the Dark Judges is just asking for trouble.

The best way I guess would involve the Players using pre-gen characters, though if the characters where of a high enough level (around 12th to 15th) it could work.

Would be nice to see what others feel about this question though and I really do feel its time that the grusome foursome made an apperance.

It looks as if it might be a great successor the Dark Phoenix mdoules, the current 2-part adventure in S&P for 10th level judges. If produced that way, the game would have a pretty nice "Adventure Path" type of series forming with [I preferred a 1st level "adventure"/introduction], Full Eagle Day, the Kazan Gambit trilogy [I'm stuck there for now], The Awakening, Dark Phoenix, and then "Versus Death".

You're right, Versus Death, would have to be taken from individual to squad level adventuring, but what a concept. I especially like the non-combat soultions to defeating some of the Dark Judges in the video game. I think that detail should be preserved. It just seems as if the vs. Death material is very easily adaptable to an RPG adventure.
I like the idea, and agree with Marc that the time is right for a visit from the Dark Judges. That being said, there are changes that would need to happen in the game to make it work as an rpg adventure.

The game is extremely linear, but there are good features like the protesters outside the Grand Hall of Justice. I think the exploration of the warehouses and docks would be best handled in a dungeon style. Since it's a maze in there, it might be fun to stretch it out.

I don't know how you would manage to tie in the way that Judge Fire is defeated in an rpg though. The location is great, but the players would probably need a nudge in the right direction.

I also love the idea of continuing epic adventures in S&P for Dredd. The series of adventures so far are great, but the higher level the judges get, the tougher the challenges need to be. I can't think of anything more challenging than the Dark Judges... would level 12-15 be high enough?

I hope you do decide to do this Marc. What other Dredd projects are you working on right now?