Dredd D20 Vs Dredd Traveller


Greetings Citizens

I am new to the forums here an I have a problem that I need some help with.

I have written up a few Judge Dredd RPG adventure story-lines here atm, and I currently own all of [both] the Judge Dredd D20 RPG and the Traveller Judge Dredd RPG settings booka. I got both so that I could add them to my Judge Dredd Collection, but I am unsure which to go with for making adventure stat/notes writeups of my current stories.

I was curious if there are any players/GM's out there that have run/or/played both or even tried to at some point? If so could you please give me an idea which would be best setting to go with.

Extra Info:
I have an [extensive] history using the D&D/D20 rules system as a GM and player but no experience at all with Travellers RPG system yet, but I have to say that I would honestly would drop D20 it in a heartbeat if the Traveller system "felt" more like you were in a Dredd comic using that rule system, as that is what I want most of all for my game is that feeling that your in a real Judge Dredd comic/storyline.

I would DEEPLY appreciate [any info] that anyone could give regarding the pros/cons of the systems is so that I could make the best call as to which setting will make for the best way to run a DREDD RPG.

Thanks to all who respond.
Judge Wyvern
I personally think that the Traveller system is much more suited to the Judge Dredd RPG. A lot of people (including myself) found the D20 system far too complicated for the Judge Dredd setting (although by the sounds of it you have quite an extensive background using the D20 system so shouldn't have a problem there!).
Well my main D&D background is from use of the 1st-thru-2nd "revised" edition D&D game systems, I have only used the D20 RPG system rules system 3 times so far. I mostly got all the books just for my Dredd Collection... but as I said, whichever game system is smooth and helps the "feeling" like your in a Dredd comic is what I plan to go with.

So any and all info that [ANYONE] has tried using both [Traveller, and the D20] Judge Dredd rules systems can give me about which works best in the Dredd universe I would really appreciate.

Thanks to everyone who read this and reply.
Although it's on hiatus at the moment, the Dredd (Traveller) campaign we have ran really nicely, whereas the D20 one never got far beyond character creation - at least in part because Traveller Dredd gives much greater investment/character delineation, and is a pretty simple ruleset if the GM's on top of the equipment details.

Have you tried making a couple of characters for each system and compared the results?

I just recently here yesterday, did just that.

I rolled the same character up in both D20 as well as Traveller.

[Judge] Lars [Maxxis] -[Soloman strain Clone Judge]
6 year Male vet street judge

Standard D&D TIME CONSUMING character rollup for me.
Basic 6 stats, armor, health, skills, talents, history, etc, extensive etc, super extensive etc...lol.

"My opinion on this is still very rough as I still have not read thru the Traveller pocket rulebook yet to understand the core rules for the game."

I find the Judge Dredd: Traveller system character creation VERY weird at first glance. ITs VERY fast writeups using the judge history generation. That I loved!
The character sheets seem detail light tho, a major one that confused the hell out of me is that characters seem to have no health tracking or damage information for the equipment.
I assume damage is all done via tables... I guess??

As for combat, I still havent tried a basic combat test in traveller with this judge rollup.... which might be hard as the game seems... "EXCESSIVELY" npc/stat LIGHT, save for the stats provided on major ppl.
Speaking of such... where the hell are the stats [that SHOULD BE HERE] for all these ppl in these 3 Archive books??? I mean what the hell is the point in making sourcebooks for a "RPG" game... when those same books have [0] stats. Was it some kind of plan to make all the 12 sourcebooks then make a final statbook with all of there stats in them??? Very weird...

...again, I think this might just be my use of other RPG's affecting how I view this system.
Rather than an HP system, injuries come straight off the physical stats... try a test combat. It's all nice and simple.

You can really whisk through battles at comic book pace - though judicial equipment summary hand-outs really help. We had some stuff happen in combat that I don't think would have happened in a more 'detailed' combat system. People seemed more willing to take a punt at heroism, somehow, when there's less fuss.

And this comes from a fan of the super-detailed Hero System, so it was quite a revelation...!

...well sad to say that so far I still haven't managed to get a combat test done. This is mostly due to book layout/design with the core traveller book.

When I initially did a read thru on the combat rules it confused the [hell out of me] due to the confusing way the book was written up. This issue; I belive; is simply my years of using the D&D books layouts/structure that was messing with me. But I did notice there was still some obvious issues with the layout. Like for one, when trying to roll up, if I had not read the dredd book, I would not have known how to do a character roll up. As the character rollup page [8] in the core book doesn't even list the dice or number of dice to use... confusing.

But, I kept trying and I decided that I wanted to do a combat test with this judge I transfered from our D20 Dredd RPG -VS- a skysurfer perp....
"BUT" there are [0] rules to roll a "megacity 1" perp up, an almost nothing at all on skysurfing skills needed. It seems the Dredd core book is intended to play judges... [only], I have to put that down as a mark against the travellers Judge Dredd RPG so far.
I went looking in the other dredd books... nadda city perp stats! The only... and closest thing is a gang member listed in the judges handbook book.
So... I went looking on how to make one myself in the core book.

Nothin.... story background stuff.. [only]. No stats/skills guidelines at all.

So I went to the main core traveller book. but then I couldnt decide if a megacity skysurfing perp would be a rogue, or citizen rollup?!? Should I selectively combine them?? again confusing to use for me...

I kept getting the same feeling while trying to figure this out; that the traveller system is an "improb & on the fly make it up completely kind of role playing system" ... or am I wrong here?

So, no combat test atm. Is this system a improb the stats on the fly system? Or what? I am flat out confused atm tryin this...

Has anyone else had issues with the lack of premade statistics that SHOULD have been here. I mena they threw in judge cal... to do that series... but not fergie??? - if your making it so ppl can recreate a storyline... shouldnt the entire set of characters be provided?
If a GM has both it's just a case of personal preference. The D20 Dredd material published by Mongoose is easy enough to convert to the newer Traveller system.

I have written and run perp adventures for D20 and Judge based ones for the Dredd Traveller system. Both systems ran smoothly enough, though my own preference is for the Traveller rules~

Character and NPC creation is far faster in Traveller.

Enormous set of 'other' Traveller books and adventures are a useful resource for Dredd Traveller that are easily modified.

Game mechanics for combat are easier and faster in Traveller as opposed to all dice rolling for automatic weapons and multiple attacks in D20 version.

Experienced none Judicial characters in D20 end up with what sometimes feels as too enormous an amount of skill levels.
The best idea I had to convert the D20 stats to Traveller stats was to simply subtract 6 from each stat and directly transfer that number over then to the relevant stat in Traveller.
I figured this as D20 uses "by default" a 3d6 dice method for each of its core 6 stats, and Travellers system uses a 2d6 method, but for the skills... I guess those would have to just be more of a "on the fly/as it fitted them" type thing.

What method did you use for conversion from D20 to Traveller for the stats?