do you use printed campains

are you using the published campain or doing your own thing?

  • using only the published campain

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  • a bit of both

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  • our own thing

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toothill man

just wondering if the slaine men and ladies out there are doing there own thing with the setting or are we all doing the moon teeth and horned god epic adventure
Well, I almost responded to the poll before I noticed you mention it is a Slaine poll and not Judge Dredd. I wish these two had their own forums... but that's neither here nor there.

In terms of Judge Dredd, I will begin by using only published adventures while I find my legs as a GM. After I have played the 4 officially published adventures, and the Baptism of Fire adventure, I will probably be confident enough to at least try a blitz or something.

was thinking of slaine but think the question is just as valid for dredd but please state which system you are thinking of 8)