Dilgar for swap / possible sale - ALL GONE


Hey all,

I have a fairly large Dilgar fleet and after playing the race since the original release of the supplement for AOG B5 i have decided its time for a change!

Idealy I would like to swap some/all for EA (any era in either scale), however im not against selling them provided the offer is right!

AOG FA Scale: (All assembled & painted)
8 Jaskakar
12 Ochlivita
3 Rohric
6 Targrath
4 Wahant
4 Tikrit
2 Mishakur
48 Thorun models. (most individually based on 1x1" hardboard, not painted)

ACTA Scale: (Assembled & Painted unless otherwise stated)
2 Tikrit (one painted, other sprayed black)
4 Omelos (two painted, two sprayed black)
4 Targrath (two painted, two sprayed black)
2 Wahant (one painted, one sprayed black)
2 Garasoch
2 Kahtrik

ACTA Scale: (Unassembled & unpainted)
3 Jasakar
3 Ochlavita
4 Rohric

Im also happy to finish painting them since i have painted half the full scale stuff!

I can provide pics if folks are interested. Feel free to PM me with any questions or offers.



I've got a couple of EA ships early age I'd like to swap.

ACTA Full Scale: (Assembled & Painted unless otherwise stated)

4 Hyperions
2 Artemis
2 Tethys
2 Oracles
2 Sagittarius (one painted, one half painted)
1 Orestes (sprayed white)

42 Thunderbolts (unpainted)
69 Starfuries (unpainted)

I also got 2 Chronos frigates from the crusade era.

I can provide pictures if you're interested and of course I'd like some pictures from the dilgar ships as well. I'll pm my email over.
Hey all,

Pics aren't great sorry bout that!


If anyone wants pics of certain things or whatever let me know.