Did I Make This Rule Up In My Head?


Sup, all? This is my first post under the Conan forums, but I've been regularly pimping the game on the Kenzer & Company forums (I use it for my Kalamar game). So I'm not totally ignorant of the mysterious wonders of the Conan RPG. :)

Anyway, the past few nights I've been tearing my hair out looking for a rule that I SWORE I read, but I can't seem to find it at all. So I'm hoping you can help me before I do something rash like take a nose-dive out my window (which might not work, cuz I'm on the first floor, but you get my meaning).

Is there a rule, that a Sorcerer's Corruption starts to taint those closest to him or her, those who spend the most time with her, or something? I mean, I even remember reading it to my girlfriend, but now I can't find it in either book I have- the core book and Scrolls of Skelos.

Soooo, can anyone tell me if I'm mad or not? Anyone have a page number for me?


You are looking for the text of one of the tables. The Corruption Effects Table (page 190 in Atlantean Edition; page 338 of the original edition). Read the Effects of 10+ corruption.
Vincent's a spoil-sport, closing the issue so quickly. Can we still take a poll? I vote mad. :wink:

Welcome to the boards, btw. 8)