Designing ships for B5 using Imperial Supply rules


I would like to create some new ships for my Babylon 5 campaign. I purchased the Dragonstar Imperial Supply book and would like to know what tweaks may have been made to that system to produce the ships for B5. One thing I have noticed is that B5 ships seem to have higher defence values, since they don't seem to take the automatic -5 Dex adjustment (and they usually have Agility scores). Also, DR seems to be about double of hardness. Any advice on this would be helpful :) Thanks.

Isn't Dragonstar a different game made by a different company?
It is, but Bruce is on record in these forums as saying that the ship designs are generaly done on a "that-sounds-good" basis.

A few key ships were evidently carefully converted from other sources (probably Babylon 5 Wars) and the others compared to it until the "that-sounds-good" point was found.