Deepnight Revelation Carving Site Terrain Piece (Illuminated/Remote Controlled) (Minor Spoilers)


Banded Mongoose
I want to make the moment the Travellers discover the Ancient Carvings on Alpha epic. Sometimes to do this, I'll make a special terrain piece. In this case, I wanted to go one step further, the carvings should glow. But, it will break the mood if I have to fumble for a switch, so it should have Bluetooth so I can control it from my phone. Once in my head, that idea wouldn't go away, so I made this.

I used all the technologies for this. The controller is an Arduino Nano 33. The carvings are 3D printed in transparent blue resin. The phone app is my first real Flutter app. I'm pretty stoked about how it turned out, and I had to share.

That looks great. I can't wait to get book 1 of Deepnight (I almost had it, but Amazon had it messed up in their system so I got book 5 in place of 1...will just have to get it direct net time I want a bunch of books.

Thanks for sharing photos of how you made it, looks fantastic.