Dear Mongoose


Dear Mongoose!
I just wanna tell you, that you `ve done a great job with Armageddon 2089! I really enjoy the realistic scenario (much better than the mechwarrior DA and the classicbattletech scenario) and I`m addicted to your WARMEKS - their functional chassis are simply great! I hope there will be new warmek - factories (for Russia, Middle East or Israel) with new mek designs and new opportunities (f.e. suicide meks, FLUMs = warmeks,which can patrol the sky or underwater-meks, which can sneak into hostile harbours to destroy ships, oil tanks etc. ) in the future.

Have a nice day
Hello Mongoose!!!
As brother of that crazy guy Götterfunke i would also like to introduce myself here - and i have to agree with him: Armageddon 2089 is really a fantastic universe. Especially the "realistic" touch of your world has captured my soul completely - to kick somebodys ass in New York, Paris or whatever, or to negotiate with "real" governments over the next battle is just gorgeous and gives me a feeling of immersion like no other rpg around. So finally (for my first post) i wish you good luck for your future. I will certainly support you and preach my own insane ideas for arm2089 as they drip out of my mind...
Great game, having alot of fun. Looking forward to working through the Behind Enemy Lines.
Hopefully my copy of Armegeddon should be in today. They first one i got had was ah flawed. Then i can get started :D Got quite a few ideas i'm working on. I'll post more later. Great looking game Mongoose. I had just been thinking about a mek game when i found it. thanks