David Gemmells books for new campaign worlds


After David Gemmells unfortunate death it would be nice to see some of his work appear in pages of an RPG.

Many of the worlds and characters he created for his books are pure heroic fantasy and ideal for many RPG's.

I realise that there are a number of game systems that are similar to his style of heroic fantasy but none really hit it spot on.

So while I doubt there is much chance of us seeing the Drenai or Rigante stories, or indeed any of his other work converted to a RPG there was at least a single small piece of good news, his wife will be putting the finishing touches to Fall of Kings, the last book in his Troy Trilogy so it can be published. Though it's sad to think we'll not have any more stories to come.
combatdroid113 said:
would be easier now to get the game as he died a few months ago

Not necessarily. It depends on who's handling his estate, since they hold the copyright for his stories, and by extension, and licensed use of them.

It could be that DG was all in favour of RPGs based on his worlds, but whoever's handling the estate is fanaticall anti-RPG.
His wife currently controls his Estate.

David Gemmell

Troy: The Fall of Kings (due- Sep 200?) Although David died before completing the final novel in his Troy trilogy, Transworld announced that around 70,000 words were completed shortly before his death. They report that his wife, Stella, will complete the remainder of the book, working from his chapter notes. Stella Gemmell has been involved in the research and creation of the trilogy since its inception in 2003.


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