Dates do not match between main rule book and Fiery Trial



I am new to this forum so would like to start off by saying hello to you all :D

I have just begun planning my first B5 campaign. I am creating my own story arcs and integrating the Fiery Trial with them.

I am making sure I get my dates correct and have noticed a few errors on the dates given in the main rule book and the dates on the Universe Today hand outs in the Fiery Trial.

For example, the headline on Handout 2 relates to the episode Infection which the rule book says happens in April, but the date on Universe Today is February. Most of the other handouts are inconsistent too!

Does anyone know which are the correct dates? I'm assuming it's the ones in the main rules.

Thanks in advance for any help with this...
I have also assumed that the dates in the rulebook are the correct ones.

You will also find that the timeline for episode one is off, ie the dates of the scientists' distress call compared to the PCs departure.
First off,
Hello & welcome!!

I'd agree with you and Greg. Go with the rule book. I would type up the correct date in a size & font as close as the original Universe Today sheet, print it then cut & lightly tape over the error dates. then photocopy your "corrected" sheet. It's not perfect but it's better than penciling the correct date in :wink: