Darklands problem

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There are maybe 16 regions of the Darklands, five or so of which are not ruled by Darklords. Where do the other Darklords live (I know two are wanderers). I can't imagine Zagarna giving up power to become Archlord, nor can I imagine other Darklords willingly going without land.
I think Kraagenskul's region is mentioned but not listed etc.
Someone help me either find the missing regions or account for the other Darklords!

Kraagenskul was a Lord of Helgedad at the time of the RPG. Later on (between Books 10 and 12), Argazad is built, and he becomes Lord of that city. So it's possible that some Darklords don't actually rule a city, but reside in others.

Also, in Book 12, Taktaal is second to Archlord Gnaag, and he resides in Helgedad too.

Keep in mind too, that Vashna is dead.

In addition, the Darklands is notorious for its infighting. It's possible that in the centuries since the Darklords were first sent to Magnamund, that several Darklands cities (and former strongholds of the Darklords) have been destroyed.

There are compounds for all of the Darklords in Helgedad it is possible that some of them are based there and serve the Archlord directly. It may also be the case that controling a domain in the Darklands is not as big a boost to the power of a Darklord as you may think. Many of the weaker or less politicaly savvy Darklords seem to hold domains, many of which cause them imense problems such as Nhorg in Gourizaga and and Tomogh in Gournen.

It may be that some of the more politicaly astute Darklords choose to spend nearly all of their time in Helgedad plotting their next political move.

To compound your problem even furthur Xog one of the two wanders is the lord of Elgazaad..... :)

I'll have a look through the book tonight and see if I can put together a list of domainless Darklords. Maybe we could use this thread to come up with extra background as to why this is the case.
Kraagenskul, is mentioned in the Campaign Setting. He rules a land outside the Darklands. I don't have the book in front of me, but it can be found in the Gazetteer section. There is an entry that lists two cities and he rules one of them.

Edit: Just looked at The Setting book. My bad, Kraagenskul is listed as the ruler of Skaror. Dakushna is the ruler of the city of Nyras.