Dark Cultist ruling



The dark cultist second spell of xagvash that summons a blade to attack enemies; how long does it last? It is used after the round used to summon it, but how long does it last after? Just one full round, after which it has to be recast, or longer? No duration is mentioned in the text.
No worries. This was in my original text but somehow managed to make a Stealth check and hide in the final book. :)

This power underwent serious revision in editing, so the old noted duration is not appropriate any longer. I would say that the spell lasts 2 rounds + 1 round for every 4 full character levels of the Cultist.

Thanks for the question!
Thanks august. I would assume this duration holds true for all of the cultists foul servants as well correct, with no additional ep cost to power the spell every round? ((summoned through foul swarm ability))