Damage Control, a must?


So during the end phase you can try to repeir critcal hit effects.

A good thing, practically all of the time. Who wants to be unable to fire his weapon systems.

But then again there is the dubious advantage of being slow sometimes. Absolute position doesnt really change but the enemy still has to maneuver around the ship. Resulting in supermaneurable albeit slow ships. Basically allowing someone to dance on the spot and bring weapons the bear, while the enemy has little chance of keeping in ones back without giving up boresights and the like.

This scenario is very specific, but it has happened to me.

Octurion or any other ship with good all round firepower takes an engine hit making it even slower. Now it practically gets a free 45° turn without moving. 2 Hyperions and an Omega, or any ship with appreciable speed and boresighted firepower managed to get a good position in the enemy aft. They can go all stop, but lose boreisghts. Or they keep moving, overtaking the Oct (no stacking) and losing theyre hardfought for advantage. While actually getting pounded all the time.

Now can i choose to forego damage repair? And keep the crit effect for further use, or will i have to attempt the damage control.

Backgroundwise there should be no choice. but the rulebook only stats may and can.

Sry for the long post, and this issue will rarely come up, but still what has happened once can happen again. Too specific but interesting.

Although the Rulebook from ACTA basic names it can....

Page11: During the End phase, players can repair their ships through damage control.

Not to be a stickler for wording, but the letter of the rules isnt really clear. But now i know :D

So thx. :D
msprange said:
By letter of the rules, no you cannot.

Huh? I don't see anything in the rules that indicates that you MUST repair a given critical. I would think it would be the players option. Now in most instances it would be to your advantage to repair them, however in the given example it is not.

msprange said:
By letter of the rules, no you cannot.

Sorry to go against you MAtthew, but the rules say 'can' not must.

However, if you're ruling that you have to then I'm fine with that.