Damage and vehicle


As far as I understand, the hit points of vehicles and characters are equivalent. Then it turns out, that the light particle gun (damage 2d8) is the PPG, established on a fighter, right? It is absurdity.
I do not know what the official ruling is but I've decided for my game that the vehicle HPs are x2 character level. So a mid sized car with 15hp would be 30hp in character scale. And vehicle weapons do x2 to characters as well.

Hope it helps! :)

You should remember that objecst , from pistols to starships have somethin called Damage Reduction , perhaps you should take a good look to those rules...
Thanks, but what’s about official opinion?
The main problem is:
Can we compare fighter and hand-held weapon? Probably, no. So character can’t survive the damage of fighter weapon (logically). But can we compare fighter and tank weapons? They seem to be similar. If yes, it means that we can not compare hand-held and tank (or APC) weapons. In this case interaction between characters and vehicles is impossible. This is the closed circle.