D20 advanced class

Sir Brad

Banded Mongoose
Ok I've bean given an opportunity to work on an advanced class for the Wytch Chyld class I calling "Wytch Cabalist". I think I've got the ability advancement tables figured out and the 1st level abilities, but I think I may be going a bit light on Skills with retaining all the Wytch Chyld Class skills and only adding Bluff & Use Magical Item. Endurance Dice remain D8, Skill points are 3+Int modifier

First Rank though looks generous when you brake it down really isn't with the following
Ritual (Hallowed Paths or choice of one other if character already posses Hallowed Paths)
Lost Wisdom, +2 Wisdom
Sisterhood, communicate telepathically with all Wytches that are part of her Cabal within 60 feet, the character revives a Athame of mastercrafted quality, add the Wytch's Cabalist Class Level to checks to acquire new rituals.

couldn't come up with anything Munchtastic or badly underpowered originally for later levels till I stumbled upon Psychic combat for Adepts and Magi, so I went with

2nd level: Willpower, Psychic Awareness (Erect Shield)
3rd level: Focus 1/Day, Psychic Awareness*
4th level: Focus 2/Day, Psychic Awareness*
5th level: Focus 3/Day, Psychic Awareness (Instinctive Shield), Psychic Awareness*

*Psychic Awareness, when receiving a Psychic Awareness and no ability nominated the character can choose from Attack, Stun or Telepathy

Restrictions: for starters the Character must have passed through the 1st level of the Wytch Chyld class, the Characters Wytch Cabalist class level can not exceed the Characters Wytch Chyld class level.
Mother Magri & Shasarak in Grey Star 1 & 2 had strong powers to do with sleep and dreams, you could come up with a sleepwalking hypnotic-type spell/power making a sleeping victim become your 'zombie' and obey your commands (Tanith had to steal the Kazim Stone back from Grey Star at Mother Magri's bidding I think, Shasarak sent Grey Star stat-losing 'bad dreams' - a long, long distance attack!). You could also have a dream message type spell too. I think every class needs something unique otherwise why have it at all?