dunno if this has been discussed, but apart from the article in s.a.p. is there any book/articles being done about the cythrons or the whole time killer arc?
everyone was hoping for a sourcebook but that idea has been squashed but as it has been let slip there are some huge slaine pieces on there way from signs and portents just waiting for space so heres hoping 8)
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Would be good if Mongoose could put out a book on things like Cythrons and Diluvials with their three legged ruler. As well as the Formorians with Balor and Moloch & his royal blood line & the likes of Odacon & his kind.
Els, Light & Dark with Elric the changeling. A book on Goblins, ( Though they don't get much mention.) Titans & Dwarves as well as their half breeds. A Book on Dragons, with mention of the Knucker. A book on Drunes & Skull swords including Lord Weird, a book on Eldar Gods or the Old Gods with Danu and lastly a book on the Warped ones.