Cybernet Gang Creation Rules, first draft


I like your approch, but if you were interested in a little converting to the future, Hogshead Crime Scene: The Mob has some very good quick and dirty rules for establishing gangs and gang income (it also has rules for heat, laundering), along with Gangster character classes, some useful feats and skills.
I'm not really looking to delve that deeply into the actual orginization of the gangers. Mostly just something to add some flavor to encounters and setting up some good allies/enemies for the players.

I'll definitely give that book a flipthrough if/when I see it though, and plop down some cash if it fits my needs. :)
Forgot to mention that the ettiquette skill can be used to decrease npc reaction as well as increase it as written and knowing info on the gangers will let you add a bonus to this check either way. I'll be including a DC chart of what info you can get at what DC for using either the Gather Info or Knowledge:Streetwise.

Ex. Thug the Soldier walks up to a bunch of Collars, throws their sign down and says "whats going on chewtoys?" then withdraws with multiple gangers on his heels while Shadow the Jacker sneaks in the back way and steals their smuggled goods.

If Thug had failed his ettiguette roll he'd come across as an idiot and they might have just sent a couple of their boys over to deal with em. Making Shadow's job alot harder.
nice - mind if I put up a link to it up on the sprawl?


BTW: Always liked the poser gangs out there, the Gilligans, The Bravos, The Trekkies. Our GM turned them each in to gangs, with plastic surgery there were skippers, littlebuddies, Johnny Bravos, and lots of spocks and kirks. Funny thing about the trekkies though, never could kill a blue shirt, on the red ones went down.
By all means link it(and give me a link cause i haven't heard of it).....just remember it's nowhere near complete. Heres some more thoughts on the system that I'm working on.

I'm considering changing the Type field to reflect Ideology/Structure and blending the Favored weapon catagory with the current type descriptions

So Type would be more
1. Strength
2. Militant
3. Corporate Pawn
4. Anti Corp
5. Stealth
6. Thrill Seekers
etc etc

I'll also be considering Subtype which is a second roll on the type table so you can get a Anti-corp(Stealth).

Type: Who they Are
Subtype: How they do it

Also the dice roll mechanic will be changed to d% for most sections for more realistic distrubition and the ability to add more to the sections easily. I'm just trying to get the basic premise worked out.
Cool ideas. I love the premise of gangs in RPGs. I have a gang, Jaxiin's Raptors, for my Star Wars campaign. I'll keep these stats in consideration for my CyberNet campaign, if and when The Darkrider ever needs some more cronies! :)

- Stratos
Gang Creation Rules will be getting a Major overhaul as soon as I get all the ideas sorted out and research some topics.... stay tuned.