Cybernet - Anyone Read The Borg Article yet?


I have been curious about it for a while now. Anyone shed some light? I try to support my local game shop, it usually is running in the red with a threat of going under, and they only get a few S&P issues in. Usually a month after it comes out. Normally I don't mind, but my curiousity is getting the better of me, hence the post.

Are you referring to Total Physical Replacement by August in #8?

If so... yes! :)

It's a great read! It amazes me how well-constructed and thought out RPG stuff tends to be!

- Stratos
What S&P's have Cybernet articles in them?
I have not kept up with the magazine but I plan on getting caught up. I'm most interested in the issues with OGL Cybernet stuff in them.
Issue #7: "Lock and Load" by August Hahn - Custom Guns & Ammo

Issue #8: "Total Physical Replacement" by August - Cybernetics to the Max!

- Stratos