After skimming through the rulebook, I have yet to see any descriptions of the various currencies. Obviously, I know a few of them, but what do some of the others look like? (My memory is a bit hazy). Lune are silver coins, Nobles are jade coins, but what about some of the others?
Erm, a good question, that ... At the moment, I can only add the Kika (made from iron) and two currencies I haven't personally seen, but have heard of: The Torqs, made from paper and only used on Sheasu, and the Ren, a cloth currency. (Both are from the New Order books, AFAIK.)

I think I got this from the Project Aon boards, but I forget where exactly.

10 Iron Kika = 1 Gold Crown
4 Silver Lune = 1 Gold Crown
1 Jade Noble = 1 Gold Crown
1 Telc = 1 Gold Crown
10 Ren = 1 Gold Crown
10 Kotes = 1 Gold Crown
2 Orla = 1 Gold Crown
1 Ain = 1 Gold Crown
2 Chocolate Milkshakes = 1 Gold Crown (sale!)
Well, the chocolate milkshakes are cold, brown, semisolid mixtures of milk, eggs, sugar, cocoa beans, and are usually served in cup of some type. :wink:

I think the Orla might be made from electrum, but I don't have any hard data on that.
Now that I think about it, I'd wager my second-favourite die that the dwarven Ain is made from glod, err, gold ... :D

Paido, who never had an Ain in his Belt Pouch :(

edit: Looks like we're lacking details on Telcs, Kotes, Orla, and probably Ain. Any other currencies, anyone?