Banded Mongoose
One of my PCs is going to be an agent from another Alpha Complex. I thought it would be fun to give him a secret society that didn't exist in the current Complex with orders to recruit members, and my thought is that he's going to be a Cthulhu cultist. Have any of you done this before? Should I give him a DAIV? Should he have special powers that cost Moxie when he uses them, similar to sanity checks?

(His mutation is that he can sprout twenty venomous tentacles that each get a melee attack. This mutation does not give him any way to get rid of the tentacles once he sprouts them.)


Banded Mongoose
You could give him a DAIV that makes him see/hear Cthulhu instead of Friend Computer when he's contacted by Friend Computer. (Making the Moxie loss more like a sanity loss every time he rolls a Computer on the Computer Die)
Then it could infect the rest of the players making them see the same thing or something different).


Banded Mongoose
Maybe I'll make an equipment card with a high initiative number that just automatically does one point of moxie damage, but every time the card is revealed it deals one point of moxie damage to its user.

My thought is that he'll want to use the high number (8?) a lot, but people around the table will be used to him doing it. Someone might think it worth losing an action to force him to lose a point of moxie, particularly if he's just using the initiative number to do something else.

Too convoluted?
In my paranoia game is the "Church of Cth -U- -LHU" a enemy of the "mother church of christian computer programmers". The cult want to summon citizen Cth -U- -LHU in the Alpha Complex.
If successful, it could lead to the fall of the alpha complex, an apocalyptic scenario or just adds a little extra problem.