Cthulhu flavor

I ran a thread on this subject on RPG.NET and based on the responses it sounded like there is an appropriately large amount of creepy Cthulhu-ness in Conan D20, and that it wouldnt hurt to punch it up a bit with spells, monsters and maybe sanity rules from CoC D20.
Me and a couple of people in my area were starting to try and 'port some of the spells and creatures from COC D20 over to Conan. We then were reminded that with Scrollsx of Skelos, coming out soon, we might be doing work that has already been done before.
After SoS is released we may start again, if we feel it is needed, or if we still want Cthulhu goodies in our Conan game.
know that such things are up too each group but will go as dark as possible with conan including a healthy dollop of the mythos
Mythose, I was looking forward to your ports of CoC spells, but when you're right, you're right:)

Considering that Lovecraft and Howard were contemporaries and correspondents, and that the Hyborian Age is supposed to be Earth circa ten thousand B.C I would guess the Mythos are there as well...I know "Valusia" has cropped in the writings of Howard, Lovecraft, and Clark Ashton Smith, and lies under Hyborian Nemedia...wonder if there are any long-lived serpent people sorcerers running around? ;)

Thog from "Xuthal of the Dusk" sure sounds a hell of a lot like a Servitor of the Outer Gods, and "The Scarlet Citadel has some very interesting denizens mentioned...

and don'tcha know Nyarlathotep is running around Stygia someplace? Not to mention Yig, Set, Yig, Set....Hmmmm
Several of the pastiches either specifically mention, allude to, or imply Lovecraftian demon-gods...

Cthuaga, Ithaqua, and Nyarlathotep are all called by name in John C. Hocking's excellent CONAN AND THE EMERALD LOTUS. Cthuaga is called upon for fire magic, Ithaqua for air/cold, and Nyarlathotep, well... nobody calls on him for magical aid, but his temple and evil influence can be felt, nonetheless. :twisted:

John Maddox Roberts' places Cthulhu in a (red, raw and juicy) cameo during the final conflict of his novel, CONAN THE MARAUDER, and later Tsathoggua in his flawed but fun CONAN THE CHAMPION. Neither is named, but I know squid-head and fat frog when I see 'em. :wink: