does anyone from mongoose know what is the status on the crusade sourcebook. is it in print or already done printing and being shipped to the warehouse as we speak. and how long does it take for it to reach the store level after the mongoose home office recieves the shipment
I'm not a Mongoose guy, but I'll try and help.

Crusade is scheduled for release in May. Mongoose products sometimes slip back but very rarely more than a few weeks. It usually takes 1-2 weeks for a product to go from mongoose's warehouse to stores.

Keep an eye on the announcements section of these boards for further updates.
I'm holding out the vain hope it'll be at the SST night. i mean the Galactic Guide was at the ACTA tourney 6 weeks ago!

msprange said:
It will indeed be at the Open Evening. . .

OK, New operational phrase for the evening

"Get your hands off those Crusade, Armageddon : 2089 and Ultimate games Designer Companions!"

Any other MI showing up?

(Bringing his credit card!)
Then we who can not make must suffer the loss of not being able to make it to another one, because of the cursed atlantic ocean!!!!