Crusade and TV Movie Sourcebook(s)


A question for the powers that be...

When all the Season books are over, will we be seeing a sourcebook or sourcebooks for the Babylon 5 TV movies (The Gathering, Thirdspace, Legend of the Rangers) and Crusade?

It would be nice to see them covered in the same fashion as the Season books.

Just an opinion... :wink:


That would be interesting.
I could see doing the TV Movie that introduces the Excalibur & the Crusade series rolled into one book.......


El Cid said:
I'd like to see Crusade and LotR completed beyond what we saw on TV.


Me too, but I'm not sure if JMS would like that. We already know (from JMS's postings) that Crusade wasn't neccesarily about finding a cure, but about something else (probably the dependancy within EarthForce of relying on Shadowtech) or the actual cure being worse, in the long run, than the Drakh-unleashed virus itself.

I would imagine that the 'Crusade' setting would go with 'A Call to Arms' more so than any book on the TV movies. It would give a little more weight to a Crusade book, which would (mostly) be limited to the short-lived series and the references in other books (the Centauri Prime trilogy).



You wanna hear something funny? I was just thinking the exact same thing the other day. Having a "season" sourcebook on Crusade and all the made for TV movies would be a nice addition.

~ Shade ~
I would be interested n the same; I actually thought Crusade got off to a surprisingly good start, when you consider it usually takes a sci-fi show at least a year to find it's legs. LIke Firefly, Crusade came out of the gate with well-crafted, fully-fleshed out characters.

So what if it owed a lot to Star Blazers? :)