Crossbows - Shemites & Strength Rating


It is a bit unclear how the Shemite bow attack and damage bonus as well as the bow Strength rating sidebar apply to crossbows (including would would presumably include arbalests).

The Shemite gets a +1 to attack with any bow, i.e., any weapon whose name includes "bow" or "longbow." (Also, they get a +1 to damage with any bow in 1 range increment.) From my understanding of Shemites, it seems that Crossbow should not be included as they are firing typical bows. Further, there would be no need to include the term "longbow" if the use of "bow" included complete words that included "bow." As a result, I presume the use of the term "bow" in the book refers to "bow" when it is used as a word by itself. Therefore term "bow" does not generally include crossbows, and specifically for Shemites does not include crossbows as well for their bonuses.

Similarly for the sidebar regarding bows, I consider the term to not include crossbows, and therefore crossbows (and arbalests) do not have a Strength rating, though perhaps I could be convinced otherwise (e.g., say that most do not, or are a base 10, but allow characters to buy ones that require more strength to crank/wind, therefore project a bolt with more power, since you can't shoot more often with crossbow like a bow, why not allow a bit more damage). This is also based on my understanding of how crossbows operate in comparison to bows.

Shemites get bonuses with bows, not crossbows. Crossbows are a mechanical device, basically, and it's the whole idea of plains archers that is the Shemite concept.

I'd say they only get bonuses with drawn string types.

Thy get plenty of bonuses with plenty of variable weapons anyway. They dont' need crossbows in the mix.
No crossbows for either option. I could see adding a strength rating for crossbows to represent one that needs a stronger crank or what not but that's up to the individual gamemaster.