Creating a Techno-Mage PC/NPC

El Cid

I'm starting to create some Techno-Mage PCs/NPCs and was looking for suggestions to put them together.

Right now I'm working on one who will become a healer.

One thing that I wish Mongoose would have done was to do what WotC did with their spells: first list by school/class all the spells and have this followed by the alphabetic listing of all spells along with the descriptions.

I've found that to be easier to work with especially when there are so many prerequisite to know a specific spell.

Hey! I have a couple of questions to ask along the way: :?:

1) Where is the fourteen words to make someone fall in love forever (Ok... there is the suggestion spell but it is limited to minute long maintaining, we know by the Centauri trilogy that it is far more powerful than that...)

2) Does the limitation on the number of spells you can maintain also apply to the ones you cast. For example, if a TM had 14 Con (2 spells limitation) and already had a lesser armour and lesser personal defense shield maintained, can he cast a flexible shield onto himself and let it run for 1 time increament without maintaining it?

Well...all in all, it is a great book and I am anxious to see all the different NPCs and PCS we'll be able to create with this. I am personally in the process of creating a 6th level TM NPC who will specialize in defense spells. I just love the flexible shields. It makes them almost invulnerable. I will try to frustrate my players with his reccurent involvment in their private business. :twisted: :twisted: