counters for armageddon


any chance we see any counter for the new Armageddon ship for those people that only use counters

I know Rbax as done counters in the past for the drakh and dilgar

also on that note did rbax finish those counters can't find them anywhere
Matt has said they will likely do a counter pack to fill the holes in the Revised and SFOS packs. In fact yesterday he pretty much volunteered me for the job of making sure every ship/fighter was covered in it.

:oops: :lol:

I shall add the list of counters as something Io do in sync with updating the Armageddon shipviewer. The one gives me a list to check against the counters for the other :lol:

I'll try and start in on that this weekend.

I used to have a spreadsheet detailing which pre SFOS ships didn't have counters in the original box but it's on a PC that is now dead, so I'll need to do it again.

And SQ, as I said to Lee, my minis are like a Jedi lightsaber, I must build and paint my own as part of my training under Darth Sprange-Rickman :lol:

One of these days, I'll be playing a torney at Mongoose, I'll nod to R2-D2, jump off the table, catch the edge, do a somersault and land with my outstretched arm perfectly placed to catch a painted White Star fleet :lol:

C3-PO : "The odds of LBH successfully building and painting a mniature are 3720 to 1!"
LBH:"Never tell me the odds!"


LBH obviously you have lost it big time, neither Artoo or C3-PO would have anything to do with you as you are blatantly a lower life form :lol:
So was Jar Jar...
Star Munchkin, p32;
"If you ever utter the words "weesa" or "yoosa", everyone in the universe gets a permanent +2 morale bonus to their attack rolls against you. For net trolls, shrieking geeks and nerds of prey, this bonus rises to +6."
Now trhat is a special rule I can live with. Never mind the system.