Corporation Day - October 23rd


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Mongoose is once again throwing the doors of its HQ open to host Corporation Day!

This is a free to attend event based at our Swindon offices, with games of Corporation running throughout the day. Whether you are an experienced operative or just want to try the high-octane cyberpunk RPG for the first time, you are more than welcome.

As a special treat, we will not only have copies of the recently released Incorporated Volume 1 on sale, but also some very, very, very advance copies of The Mind Unbound, the brand new Comoros sourecebook that won't be appearing on general release until next year!

The Mongoose stall will also be open with all our usual goodies, and our staff will be on hand for you to get the lowdown on our forthcoming releases, and maybe some snippets of the forthcoming State of the Mongoose - if you want to be in the know, then this is the place to be!

You can find directions to our offices here;

Doors open at 9am and we expect the day to finish around 6pm. It is completely free to attend, and we can guarantee you will have a great day's worth of gaming.

These are two of the games that will be running;

Last Stand at the Panama Canal
Western Federation troops have all but claimed the region around the Panama Canal. The last line of defence is a band of battle weary guerrilla soldiers whose supplies and moral are rapidly diminishing. This area holds great tactical significance to the Federation and Comoros know this only too well. A specialist Division has been dispatched to help the guerrillas hold the line and prove to the Federation once again, that might does not make right.

The Thief of Souls
Agent, this mission will take you deep into the heart of enemy territory, into the very heights of a rival Spire. Your access to resources will be curtailed, the enemy will think to blunt your fangs by taking your armaments. Fools, we trained you better than they can imagine; your mind is itself your greatest weapon. It is fitting then that the objective of your mission is to steal back one of our greatest minds, the cached psyche matrix of Agent Chiemeka Sesay, stolen from the Itoma Xenjin resurrection centre on Luna three days ago.

See you there!


It was a fin day, but int rue LFMF style

"Complaining about the lack of books on sale that you don't already own is fine, not realising that you need LBB:6 and didn't realise that you helped clear up some copies at the end of the day until you got home is bad"

D'oh, one more thing pushing me to show up to the halloweeen games day next weekend.