Copying from book (copyright)


Hello all, Do you think Mongoose would take issue with me scanning some charts and making them part of my GM screen that I would in turn make available for free? Not sure if that would go against some copyright and cause people not to buy the book.

Please Mongoose if you are here . Just let me know. I have no issue with giving it to Signs and Portents or some other means even if you say no Don't do it.

I am asking because I do not want to cause an issue.




Scanning a chart *might* result in copyright infringement, but recreating your own based on the information displayed likely will not. Note that the particulars of what you are copying/recreating will affect this analysis.

[None of the proceeding is intended as legal advice or the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. It is recommended that you discuss your particular circumstances with an attorney to ensure legal compliance.]


Thanks, actually Mongoose contacted me back this morning and seem more than willing to help me out and asked for the charts I need, for future release in Signs and Portents. I started going the other route, but getting their buy in is great to me. So I will keep everyone posted on the progress.

I appreciate the advice